I have a lot on my mind at the moment, it all costs me a lot of strength and I am very tired. Ip was very intense before, the week before, I noticed how it all worked and how many things were set in motion.
And with my daughter (she is 6 years old) it was also very interesting. She had a very strong cough for three days, including the ip day. I know that this is very good and cleans everything. I was very relaxed. But there were also some nights when I didn’t sleep because she coughed so hard. She also had a small cold, but this cough was really special, I noticed that it had little to do with the cold. Since Sunday the cough has suddenly been gone. Amazing what the energy does.
I also found all the reports in the WeChat very exciting. It works on all levels, that is so beautiful, intensive.
On Saturday I took part in ip. When I opened the window in the morning, the air was so clear and cold, even though it was 20 degrees during the day. But this morning it was cloudy and really nice to watch nature breathe in this air so suddenly and the sun came through and gave so much warmth. The day was then from about 11 o’clock really hot. I was with my daughters nearby and we observed so beautiful flowers and admired the Alster again and again… And I also listened to my daughter, I originally wanted to make this weekend an excursion for 2 days to the Baltic Sea. Then I noticed that my daughter does not want that at all. Actually I assert myself most of the time, but then it came differently. The next day (Sunday) we had such a wonderful day on the Elbe together with my daughters and my best friend. We enjoyed the fresh air so much and inhaled so deeply and relaxed – and it was so harmonious. In retrospect I think it has been an incredibly rich weekend. I could really enjoy the weekend with the girls, although I was partly tense due to my tiredness.
The ip before that I had to do with my mom. I had also registered myself and my daughter and I clarified some things with my mum in that time. This ip is very, very intensive, I think. For me personally I find ip the strongest so far. I think that what I “tinker around” with for myself at the construction sites in my life is great. I am absolutely relaxed about everything and simply grateful that we can all work together so intensively through Master Li.