What is healing and how can it come about?

From classical physics to quantum physics, from ancient times to the present day, even from the early days of Egyptian culture to the present day, our world hasn’t changed.

We must be clear what our world is. It is unchanged. For thousands of years there has been spring, summer, autumn and winter. Only our way of life has changed.

Our existence and our way of life always extends from the visible to the invisible. We perceive everything that has to do with the visible in our world and Wochenende have it clear in front of us anyway. We know that.

In this phase of our history, artificial intelligence is gaining in importance. It is a development in the field of the visible.  Wherever we look, computers and robots are omnipresent and occupy more and more space.

What does that mean?

The presence of machines in the visible will become stronger and one can observe that they will be superior to humans in this area. The machine slowly sees more than man, it works more accurately, faster and better. However, artificial intelligence cannot bring healing for a human being – even if it can point out the problems. Healing can and must come through the human being. We have to change something, so that healing can develop.

Everything, including illness, always has to do with both: the visible and the invisible. The symptoms of an illness show themselves in the visible, but their origins lie in the invisible. In the future, artificial intelligence will be able to diagnose diseases in the visible better than humans. In the invisible, the causes can be changed. Only humans have the possibilities to change something in the invisible.  They can develop a feeling for the invisible.

When we have understood the visible and the invisible, then we have understood that healing comes from the invisible.

All change and healing happens, when you go from the visible to the invisible. Our exercises help to come to the invisible and to change something there. As long as the invisible is not changed, there is no real healing in the visible.

We train to connect with the invisible. We are doing this for our future.

Just when we do the German-Chinese exercise, new experiences come with the invisible. Just when both nations practice together, we can develop a better feeling for the possibilities of healing. This common exercise is so precious. Because there is information from both sides, not just from one. 
What we learn from the invisible is important for our lives.

The value of the visible is already completely determined. But the value of the invisible is unimaginable.

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