FuQi Village China

The FuQi Village is a practicing place to build up your life energy. It is located in Guangzhou, close to mountains and rivers and has been built by all of us. FuQi Village is both, a sign and an example. It shows us that life can be  restarted, new ways can be found, a leap can be made, that it is possible for all of us. We appreciate the life of everything, even a blade of grass can blossom to the glory of life. We call it FuQi Village in the hope that our hearts know no walls and no boundaries. In the midst of our hectic daily lives, we are fortunate to have a place for our spirit. It gives us a place to let go of stress, to relax and recover. Give our souls the opportunity to catch up and recover with full energy.

Jianyong Yang leads FuQi Village in Guangzhou, China. 
Interviewed by Nicola in March 2019.

12 years ago. A friend introduced Master Li to me. He said Master Li is a amazing doctor. He can heal person just use his hand. I have been very interested. 12 years ago I lived in Guangzhou, but I knew Master Li in Beijing, what is 2109 km from Guangzhou. I had met Master Li for three days. At that time he tought me how to practice. From that time I began to practice and to share Dean Method with my friends.

In fact I do not teach them, I think I just share with them. I just tell them how to practice that I learnt from Master Li. I am a teacher and I am a student too. Now I begin to do some courses for students about inner peace. That’s a big question.

Nicola: Yes, indeed! 

To introduce Master Li is easier than to explain Dean Method. And I always need to explain both of them. So we’ve set up a platform with internet that everyone can connect to. We call it “FuQi village space”. We write articles, make videos, record recordings, for what? To explain who Master Li is and what Dean Method is. So everyone can get the answers, not only my students. Not only the moderns, but also future generations. I will share everything what I’ve learnt from Dean Method.

Nicola: Yes, this is a big advatage! So it will be saved for the following ones! How good!

Yes, that’s what I hope. I hope my children can read it, hear it and learn it.

Nicola: So the energy will continue to flow.

O.k., that’s easier. I felt connecting to a big energy. The feeling is familiar and warm, just like meeting an old friend long time no see. My energy is growing up and my state is changing, I feel better

NicolaThat’s wonderful!

That’s a good question. Thanks. I think FuQi village is so an amazing place, that I can realize myself in FuQi village. Of course everyone can. That’s the biggest gain from FuQi village. My parents live with me in FuQi village, I realize my karma from my parents. My children also live in here with me, I can see the karma which (comes) from me. FuQi village is just like a mirror, that can help us to realize ourselves deeply. It’s not easy, but it’s value. With more and more energy, I became calmer and calmer. I have felt the karma is melting, althouth it is a big thing like a moutain. Luckily I see and catch it, it will stop here, it can’t escape again. Catching means, I can always feel the karma and look at it. And remind myself everytime. 

Yes. The karma will be solved here. I am very happy in FuQi village, so I hope more people to come here. The FuQi village is not only for Chinese, but also for everyone who wants to connect to FuQi.

We need a space that is diffirent from our living space, it can clean up our karma and grow up our spirit. That’s the special of FuQi Village. We can practice and communicate together, so we can grow fast together. That’s the useful of FuQi Village.

NicolaYes, that really is a big chance!

When we practice at the same place, the information will stay there and accumulate. Everytime we come back, we will connect to it, we start from the state of last time. That’s why I do FuQi Village. I hope we can set up another FuQi Village with Germany in Germany in the near future.

Hello Nicola, nice to meet you here. I met Master Li at a course, Yang set up about 12 years ago.

Jianyong: That’s the first course I set up in Guangzhou. I only knew Master Li for ten days.

Wonderful! I can feel a great great energy coming from Gemany, from you and your culture. I am grateful about it. I tried to keep in peace to feel it deeply these days during spring festival and I can still feel it, warm and joyful. How thankful!

Nicola: Oh how beautiful! Our practicioners are also very fulfilled and grateful. It is a precious union, healing and full of miracles.

Yes, I understand more about what a Union is, what FuQi is.

My three kids attended the DEAN-ip. I think for children, who can have such spiritual experience during their early age, this is meaningful for their whole life, expecially in AI era (artificial intelligence)

Nicola: Yes, it is a big opportunity for them, I agree. Then they can grow up with less stress and develop their potential.

DEAN-ip is phenomenon that happens in our spiritual world. Acting like multi-particle quantum entanglement in quantum world. I could find so much similarity between them. And this encourages me to share more knowledge of quantum physics to people, because I find this would lead us to understand more about another life with more posibility.

Nicola: Oh that again opens up further possibilities of understanding and connection, thank you. That’s great!


FuQi is the best important thing in our life, keep it, accumulate it, share it and do not waste it

Nicola: Thanks for sharing, my friends! It’s a joy to continue together! We are all very much looking forward to the next time – and greet all practitioners in China warmly! 

Thank you very much.

Some impressions of FuQi Village in Guangzhou
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