Children and DEAN-ip

The special thing about children

When we meet a child, we can see that it is completely open. A child’s gaze is clear and direct, receptive to everything and without defence. His spirit is also open to accept everything we can give him. The child then grows up with the possibilities that we can make available to it.

When we are born, we come from the invisible into the visible world and everything is new. New possibilities, a new beginning; similar to waking up after sleeping. We come here like a young plant that carries all its talents with it, with the unbridled power of wanting to grow. Full of hope and joy to learn. To grasp the world, to use one’s own possibilities to learn and to blossom with one’s own life task.

Every person carries his life tasks and talents within him. One can speak of an inner blueprint, according to which the child develops. To respect and promote this plan corresponds to the deep appreciation of every being. With appropriate “food” these natural gifts can unfold. Thus the child can discover his talent – and the meaning of his life.

Bonds and own limits

Like all people, children have a past. How is this to be understood when they are so small?

We all carry our life task within us, we bring it with us when we come into the world. In addition, we are all involved in social and family contexts from the very beginning. These bonds reach far back into the unconscious, but have an influence on our perceptions and behaviour patterns and on how well we can develop and how freely our energy can flow.

The better we understand the world and the wider our perception becomes, the easier it is for us to free ourselves from old, restrictive bonds. The more free we become, the greater our happiness energy and thus our quality of life becomes. In China, the energy of happiness is called FuQi.

Children and DEAN Method

By practicing the DEAN Method, the children grow into a world that is full of possibilities for them. There are two worlds: the visible and the invisible inner world. Children still have a fluent access to both. Encouraging them to keep this connection open helps them to build their energy.

It is a real blessing for children to become familiar with the DEAN Method at an early age. We can observe that. When children are at home in both worlds, when they can unite both worlds, they are internally stable and have no fear. So they can develop their potential freely and master trials and difficult situations better.

The unique thing about DEAN-ip

Life has changed. The children grow up in a world in which everything has moved closer together through the development of media and technology. At the same time, everything has also moved further apart due to precisely this development and the speed of time. We sometimes lack real contact and it is something extremely valuable.

In the visible world there are many technical ways to communicate. On the invisible level there are other possibilities. With DEAN-ip a direct spiritual exchange takes place in the invisible. Thus it becomes possible to understand us and others deeper and better and to unite the cultures with each other. Children who participate in DEAN-ip can connect with a larger inner network at an early age.

DEAN-ip contains a particularly helpful, positive effect for the development of the children. From the very beginning, they can fall back on intuitive knowledge and thus develop more freely in the visible world. Such a possibility corresponds to a quantum leap for their spiritual development.

Master Li is at home in both worlds. Thanks to his help every participant is able to develop in the best possible way and to find his place.

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