In the evening, in the free practice (in Darry) I felt strongly connected with the Chinese group – we all stood together. Master Li gave everyone, one by one, a handful of earth. We discovered that we had also been given a seed with the earth.
And now, I wondered, what to do with it ?
What does the seed need?
Oh, of course, water and sun to grow (I got all warm around my heart with this little piece of earth).
We all stood there with our hands full of earth and could observe the first leaves growing up. I said to the plant, „What else do you need?“
Oh yes, affection and love – this little seed carries all the information it needs to become a full-grown tree. As long as the plant is as small as a child, it certainly needs our support, care and attention.
I became aware and all others probably also, that each of us carries a responsibility for the plant and in the transferred sense also for himself!
Can I bear this responsibility ?
What does responsibility mean ?
Restlessness arose, not everyone wanted to take responsibility for the little offspring, which now grew out of the earth quite quickly. Suddenly I already had two, then three. With the fourth I also simply passed on. Then it became colorful – all passed on somehow – first within our group in Darry, then wildly exchanged with the group in China – now and then back. Colourful funny mess. Suddenly I had a few more heaps of earth – I tried to handle it somehow with my hands and arms.
The plants got bigger – soon there were no more small plants with more and more roots.
The great thing at the end – a tree grew for each of us. It looked very funny, all our offspring became a mixed forest of bamboo and oak :))
Each one of us had a tree, each one leaned against the tree, you could feel the crown of the tree getting bigger and the roots deeper … a very calm and beautiful picture at the end – the large group everyone leaned against the tree or lay under it whether bamboo or oak – under me the earth above me the sky :))