The awakening of insects, it is said, is opened by the god of thunder, who awakens the insects sleeping in the earth. 🙂 Here raged partly outside very strong storm with wildly whipping rain. The energy unites a lot of power with mildness and tenderness that follow (which then shows up for example in the opening flowers). After the storm there is sometimes a gentle rainbow that soothes everything. Interesting contrasts. I feel that the strength within is awakened with power. Vitality and growth. Once I have the feeling that it reaches up to the stars. I feel the power of the ip-exercise stronger than I felt the exercises before. Like a new level.
On the first ip day I felt a very beautiful energy, very gentle and on the other hand it flowed as a very strong perceptible current through me. A friend called me and wondered why I was talking so strangely. I could hardly move my tongue. I had the feeling that everything was swollen with joy. A strong, moving connection. So many thanks! Thanks for sharing!
At one point I had the sensation of feeling the tender gentleness of the children practicing with us.
I am amazed at the simultaneous great fatigue during ip. „The mind is busy and gets a lot of information,“ Master Li said.
Dear friends, I’ve just felt so much gratitude. Really, it is a great gift that we can meet on the spiritual – and perhaps also on the visible level. I have contact with you and it is like a new life for me. It is not only a feeling, but I notice that you have spiritual parts that we lack here. It complements itself and that’s really healing.