I was traveling those two days. So I practiced in the churches of the city. One has a separate room without any decoration: no candles, no flowers. I sat there for hours all alone and breathed.
Only silence. Energy. Ascending. Descending. I became aware, that any expectation disturbs. I followed the energy, which was at the same time strong and gentle, with my attention. I became this energy.
Back outside in the gear of people I had difficulties with balance. Shortly before I fell to the ground I caught myself off. –
The silence remained for days beyond ip. The three of us flew to Gomera for a seminar.
Before it started we sat in a bakery, ate cakes and talked about the possibility of practicing together with people on the other side of the world for so long. Again this special silence was noticeable.
A family enters the shop. A still very small Chinese boy approaches me with his eyes wide open.
“Little De An Li”, I say quietly as if in thought. His older brother pulls him away. But he repels him, turns around, tries again to come to us following the energy. –
Space and time lose their validity.
What a gift.