I had some wonderful experiences this morning: I felt that all the cells in the morning were cheering in practice, like a group of little yellow people with a lot of activity. Then I felt that the navel became a black hole in the rotation through which the energy came into my body.
Around the navel it was hot, and then the back was very hot. Especially the back of the stomach became hot and the mouth continued to secrete saliva, which was very sweet (it feels very nice, you can’t taste it). Next, I’d like to ask Dr. Liu Xiaobao to help me with the extra lessons. What is the legendary black hole? I don’t know if I will grow into a “black hole”.
Navel – in TCM it means shén què, “Palace of the Spirit”, (Ren Mai 8), a very interesting name. The spirit, the soul comes through this point. A channel, the soul comes in and out.