„The opportunity to grow is the most important point“
The whole life is exercise, if that is clear to us, then we feel that our exercise takes place at any time. This is the most important thing in my life. We have to “catch” life, practice at any time. The whole life happens to practice life. That is the first point. That is, we have to be clear for ourselves, our whole life is to practice life.
This week is Katerina in Fuqi village. Also a living Buddha who lives in Tibet came to Fuqi village this week. We were so happy. He told us a story about his master. His master died 9 years ago. fantastic things happened. His body was not destroyed, he remained. His body shimmers golden. That is impressive. His master said when he was young he practiced and practiced for a long time, even in the hard Chinese times he continued to practice. From 25 years to 75 years he never slept again. He practiced every day, every night, instead of sleeping. What a fantastic energy.
The second point is about ip.
It is easy for us to participate in ip – but it is very valuable because of the different characters, different cultures, different countries. There is a lot of information for everyone. The information and energy that is there for us is very good for us. If we participate in ip, it will help us to grow. The energy will also grow. This is a very good opportunity.
The third point is about nature. Mangzong is a good opportunity for the plants to grow. We live on earth, so the energy will also help us. The festival of Mangzong, nature, will also give us energy to grow. This is also good for us.