DEAN-ip on 20 Dec 2021 / 21 Dec 2021
冬至 (Dōngzhì) winter solstice

Drawing: Verena Heyden

Text: Maren Kunzendorf, Nicola Martens und Sebastian Hubrach

Topic: Infinite Growth

All stories, whether they are related to the ancestors or someone else, come alive because of us.
Changes happen because of you.
That’s why the spiritual connection is so important.

It’s about that original connection, that „original heart“.
If you can keep the connection to it, if this connection can remain stable, then it influences your whole life and reaches further into the invisible.

Making experiences with the spirit

Two years ago we already practised together at „Dōngzhì“ and got to know this solarterm. Since then, a lot has changed. Our contacts with each other have also transformed a lot. Personal meetings became rarer, we met online and connected more and more in spirit. This also allowed us to refine our perception of the invisible at the same time.

ip also shows us the process of the visible on to the invisible.

The time of Dōngzhì is also like looking back. Month after month we have been able to experience the solarterms intensely together. We have experienced at ip how the energy works from the visible to the invisible and from the invisible to the visible. These shared experiences are so precious. Here and in the following newsletters we would like to include them in order to let this FuQi flow. Therefore, we would like to invite you to share your experiences:

      • Which experiences did I have?
      • How have I developed?
      • What do I wish for?


Send your experience to: or

A few excerpts from my experiences so far (China and Germany):

I experience lightness and inner peace, which also communicates itself to the people around me …

With ip I feel a special state that is good for me. It is this movement of the spiritual that we can perceive, although perhaps not always consciously. …

ip has become an important part of my experience and I have never missed an ip appointment yet. …

IP gives me confidence and a feeling of security. I can courageously approach the best of myself! …

When I look back, I can observe how things develop from the visible to the invisible …

For me, ip means that I can come back into a natural cycle, into circulation. …

You can read more about it here:

Like in a family

Why is clarity so important for us? It’s like in my body. When each of my five organs is clear, the whole body functions much better.
It’s like in a family: if everyone can take more responsibility there, then everyone is strong. In this way, the whole family becomes strong. One helps the other and they all work together. That also means they all have one spirit together.

How can we become like „one family“? That is a high goal, much harmony is necessary to work together so clearly. If we are calm and harmonious within ourselves, we can always start with the first step. 

Dōngzhì is a good time to realign ourselves. The DEAN method has changed, we can also feel better in our hearts. ip, the international practice, is also changing, growing and opening. 

Co-create newsletter

This time, for example, we are writing the newsletter in a small team of three people who wanted to participate. Anyone who feels the desire and strength to do so is welcome to take responsibility for writing the newsletter for example one month. This can be done in a small team or alone. You can get more information and help at


December, when so many great events come together, is also the month of this particular solarterm. Dōngzhì, 冬至, is the 22nd solarterm, the winter solstice. The shortest day begins – and with it the longest night. Many cultures attach great importance to this festival. Because at this time an important transformation happens: the yin qi has reached its lowest point and now the young yang qi emerges.

What does this mean? In China, the most important festival is the Spring Festival. The second most important is Dōngzhì. The term ‘Dōngzhì’ translates as „the peak of winter“. Thus, the winter solstice represents a very clear point where qi changes. When the energy changes, it is always a chance to get moving yourself, whether to let go of something or to start anew.

From the winter solstice onwards, the light increases from day to day, the yang rises and increases again. Another cycle begins.

A new cycle - Happiness

All happiness begins in the invisible. If we can build up and hold this energy at ip Dōngzhì, then we can link up with it at Christmas or the turn of the year, for example, to start anew together.

People should definitely feel the importance of nature right now. Nature is waking up and it is good if we humans slowly get in touch with it.

This time makes us realise how valuable a common understanding among ourselves is. When the strengths of many are combined, we achieve a greater goal together than one could alone. So in the practice, with the support of Master Li and his sons, we come to a harmonious state and together to a greater harmony. This allows the possibilities for everyone to unfold better and there is more energy.

What is life for? Why do we live in this world?

We all wish for happiness. Sometimes we strain to achieve it… But then the lightness and enchantment of happiness can be lost.

Real happiness comes from the spirit, or you can also say from heaven, gently and as if by itself. Real happiness then arises naturally on its own.

Connection to the origin

In ip we connect with nature. It always shows us the great whole. We ourselves are more in the original sense than just the „I“ we usually think we perceive. 

Our origin includes all our connections: our family as well as our ancestors… The deeper we connect with our origin, the more clearly we understand. We gain greater strength and a sense of security and calm. This also allows the this FuQi to flow to all those with whom we are naturally connected and happiness can grow infinitely.

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

* Please write your name in the notes.


Registration for the DEAN-ip “Dōngzhì” is open until 19.12.2021 at 3 pm.
Your registration is basically binding.

If you have any problems with the registration, questions or suggestions, please contact us at, via WhatsApp & Co or by phone:
Birgit: +49 177 9173859, Danny: +49 179 9026217, Nicola: +49 151 70173457, Tasso: +49 170 9573066

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