DEAN-ip on 06 July 2021 / 07 July 2021
小暑 (Xiǎoshǔ) Beginning of the Heat

Topic: „In extreme times, we should react in a special way.“
Xiǎoshǔ - Beginning of the heat

At „Xiǎoshǔ“, 小暑, it starts to get hot, but not too hot yet. The temperature and the rain increase. Xiǎoshǔ has the meaning that the inner heat slowly rises. At the same time, the humidity is there externally.

Nature and our lives are characterised by constant changes. Our environment, nature, affects and influences us – a constant relationship between our inner and outer environment. It is important to achieve harmony between them.

Most of the time people’s problems come from not being careful enough with these two energies. Problems can arise because we fight. We should avoid these extremes.  

Since extremes are prevailing on the outside, one must naturally pay special attention to being in harmony and more at peace on the inside. Many people behave exactly the opposite way and, for example, sunbathe and do a lot of sports during this time. This leads to their system being completely overloaded and no longer playing along. That means they don’t pay attention well.

That’s why this time of heat, Xiǎoshǔ, is so special. Many people don’t cope well with it, which means it’s too extreme. That’s why it’s good if we also do something special.

Being able to stay calm in the extreme

Ok, if the extreme is there, let’s do it calmly. 
Calm inside because it’s extreme outside anyway. 
That’s good to learn now.

The traffic jam on the way to work alone can sometimes make you furious, or stress at work, strains in your private life and an annoying boss or the child’s tantrum. Maybe it’s the disrespect of a colleague – or simply the queue in the supermarket… How can you stay calm? It often seems so hard… And suddenly you lose your nerve, explode and can’t think a proper thought – much less make a clear decision. 

If the people outside go crazy, 
it’s better to go home right away and be at peace. 
Because it’s so extreme.

How clear am I right now? Can I find my point of calm?

If I can honestly perceive my current state, then I have already gained a lot. If not, I might do things I don’t really want to do and everything quickly goes wrong. If, on the other hand, I am relaxed and calm, then I just stay that way, no matter what happens, and don’t lose my nerve – and my energy. Then I can carry on easily.

Simply rest - simply balance

Xiǎoshǔ shows the importance of how to stay calm. 

If I fall into great actionism and only want to do, do, do… then it often doesn’t really lead anywhere. Later I may realize that this has been one big struggle and cramp. 

First leave it in peace.
At some point the solarterm is over, then we do something.

When the extreme time is over, then we can again do something.

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

Together with the ancestors

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