DEAN-ip on 22 Oct 2020 / 23 Oct 2020
霜降 (Shuāngjiàng) frost

Topic: „Become spiritually strong by clean Yin and Yang."
„Frost“ gives us a special opportunity

„Now it’s starting to get cool, 
winter is coming slowly, more rest is necessary.
Yin-Qi increases, which means that the body is not as active. 
You have to let it be in peace.“

Master Dean Li

The last solarterm in autumn is Shuāngjiàng, 霜降, „frost“. Shuāngjiàng represents the transition from autumn to winter. During the frost period, the Yang-Qi continues to recede and penetrates into the ground, while the Yin-Qi gradually increases. 

If the frost occurs overnight, we might think: Oh, it comes from the heaven!

„That is a beautiful story. It shows us, 
how many things happen to us from the unconscious.
This is what happens when people do not see something and think: Yes, it comes from heaven!

Actually heaven has something to do with us too.“

Master Dean Li

Clear and clean

„Shuāng“, this frost, is something very subtle and unique. It only manifests when the Yin- and Yang-Qi are very clear and clean, this is also called „Qingming-Qi“. 

„It is so special because the energy of the earth 
is so clean and clear on this day.
Then again the air, the sky must be so clean and so clear. 
Then you get this chance.
In the night, the frost will appear.“

Master Dean Li

The conditions do not always arise in this way. In China they say, that the Qi of Shuāngjiàng can only arise on these days. Everything must fit: the air, that it is not polluted, heaven and earth must be in harmony, yin and yang. When the „clear and clean“ come together in this way, this special opportunity arises.

„Qingming-Qi“ means clear and clean energy. If the Yin and Yang Qi is too turbid, there can be no frost but fog.

„We have been working with the Yang over the summer. 
Until this day.

Now the Yin becomes apparent. 
If the Yang worked really well before, 
it is clean now. 
Then follows now clean Yin. 
A very clean Yang and a very clean Yin.

So from heaven this opportunity is offered:
the frost, Shuāng, appears.“

Master Dean Li

The blessing from Shuāngjiàng

Chinese and German proverbs speak of vigilance against frost. Because it damages some plants or can destroy them. 

It is interesting that on the other hand it also provides good benefits for some plants. Some types of cabbage need frost to taste better; they develop a fine sweetness when they get light frost. Frost is used, for example, in the production of ice wine to extract a wonderfully sweet juice from the grapes. Vegetables or fruits become fresher and sweeter because they absorb the energy of frost. In this way, frost also brings great benefits to people. Without frost, many parasites and bacteria would also survive in the plant world.

If you look at it energetically, frost is created by the fusion of the pure Qi (Zhèngqì) of heaven and earth. It contains the energy of Qingming.

Build up more lung energy for our immune system

„Clarity means to be spiritually strong. 
The clearer, the stronger.“

Master Dean Li

The Yin and Yang energy in „Shuāngjiàng“ is pure and clear energy. This energy is very helpful for us right now. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are many examples of how people establish protection for their organism. For example, at this time they strengthen the lungs by eating dates. 

The virus, this disease, also has to do with the lungs. We do not necessarily have to eat dates. Rather, the energy has to be strong, which is then a better protection. At this time it is very good to build up protection for our lung energy, because it is autumn… 

„At the same time we develop our immune system, 
to protect us from the virus.

At „Shuāng“ there is this special meaning: 
If we don’t have the clean yin and the clean yang 
then we will not get „Shuāng“. 

Because frost only occurs when everything is clean. 
Otherwise there is only fog…

Usually it is like this: 
When we are as clear as we are at Shuāng, 
then we will not get a virus. 
Because Shuāng is destroying all these bacteria right now.“

Master Dean Li

Shuāng - Strength through harmony

Shuāng means frost. This is a special state of nature. 

„One such surprise. So special.
The special thing is the state.

So it is also with people.
When we do it well together – and everyone is in harmony
then this miracle happens.

This is a better state.
In this time we show the harmony of Yin and Yang.“

Master Dean Li

When clean Yin and clean Yang meet at the moment, then Shuāng is born. And then people think, because it came overnight, that it had come from heaven. That’s a fantasy. Shuāng does not come from above. It comes as a gift from heaven, from the Dao. But in reality the harmony comes from below.[1]

„That is why it is so important, 
to do well at this time now.
Then we can keep the energy more easily. 

When we get this Shuāng, 
it means that our energy is balanced.
That is what matters: whether the energy is in harmony.“

Master Dean Li

Example comes to example. All these examples act as opportunities that we can take and from which we can learn something for the moment and for this time. 

This is how we can prepare ourselves well at ip Shuāngjiàng and become strong for what comes from outside. Right now there is a lot of unrest due to the external circumstances. The virus can cause unrest. People are afraid because of the problems, for example when they meet each other, and then they are not balanced.

„This is when Shuāng comes – usually.
But if it doesn’t come, it means that the dirt is there.
Because if we are not in harmony, then no Shuāng will come.

So we must be careful.
Everyone has to build up this energy.
Otherwise people are just afraid that something might happen.

So we better concentrate differently. 
Because from the outside you can’t know what’s going to happen.“

Master Dean Li

Good own energy protects against external influences like the virus. This is very good for this restless time. So prepared nobody needs to fear that something could happen from outside. 

Nature speaks the truth

There is so much news in the world. We do not always know what is true. But nature speaks the truth. Just as Shuāng comes.

Of course, at the moment we could follow the news every day and then we get scared because the number of infections is increasing and we worry if something will happen…

„You should look and feel for yourself, 
whether your energy is in harmony or not. 
Otherwise only fear. 
For what?“

Master Dean Li

Balancing energy

We have to watch our energy and balance it. When we feel whether it is balanced or not, then we know whether we need help, whether we have to do something or whether it is not necessary. If we don’t know this and always look outwards, we are quickly knocked out. If we only see the numbers, we immediately get scared.

„All problems have to do with fear.
Fear is a bad point.“

Master Dean Li

A strong immune system is very important for the virus. What does that mean for us? 

„When we are without fear, the immune system is strong. 
If we avoid fear, it means that we concentrate our spirit.“

Master Dean Li

If we concentrate on Yin and Yang, for example, we can feel whether they are strong or weak. This perception has nothing to do with fear. It simply means that we evaluate the situation and get energetic help if necessary.

Shuāngjiàng - Energy in harmony

„People need to focus on the energy.“

Master Dean Li

That is why we are now working with ip Shuāngjiàng and practicing that this energy can remain in harmony. In this way we avoid fear.

„If it is balanced, it is okay. 
If not, see what you can do about it, 
so that it can be balanced.

That is why this time is so special.“

Master Dean Li

When we are clean, „Shuāng“, the frost comes. If we only perceive „fog“, then we are not in harmony, too much dirt. 

At this time the exercise is so important. When our energy at ip Shuāngjiàng can work well together with the help of the Master, then we can realize if we are in harmony or not. Everyone can check this for himself.

„We have to keep this energy well. 
Then no disturbance like the virus comes to us. 

That is also the reason why it is better for the people, 
not to be sad at this time. 
Because the immune system is too weak as a result.“

Master Dean Li

You are all cordially invited to take part in the joint German-Chinese FuQi connection and to make use of the Qi from „Shuāngjiàng”!


The registration for DEAN-ip October is possible until 21.10.2020 at 3 p.m.. Attention, short registration time!

If you have problems with the registration, please feel free to contact us at or by phone: +49 151 70173457.

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Possibility to practice together in Hamburg

There is a possibility to practice together at DEAN-ip. For this you can contact Birgit until 21.10.2020 at 12 o’clock. You can practice the whole time or only a part of it. Just indicate your desired times.

DEAN healing practice:
Bahrenfelder Kirchenweg 53, D-22761 Hamburg

    • up to 5 registered participants
    • on 22.10.2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Contact Birgit Baltzer:
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  1. [1]Frost does not fall from the sky, but moisture condenses on the ground when it meets cold air due to temperature fluctuations.
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