DEAN-ip on 21 Aug 2020 / 22 Aug 2020
处暑 (Chǔshǔ) in the state of summer

Topic: „Feeling the tender shoots of Yin."
Chǔshǔ, Time of change

The second solarterm in autumn is Chǔshǔ, 处暑. Translated, it means „in the state of summer“. Actually, the summer is – in terms of time – already over and the autumn begins. But the state, this heat of summer, is still there. According to the laws of astrophysics, after the beginning of autumn the Yang-Qi gradually closes and the Yin-Qi begins to grow slowly. This special weather is also called „autumn dryness“ or „autumn tiger“ in China. When it is so dry, something can happen faster. 

„By this time it is already autumn.
But the earth has stored so much heat, so much yang qi, and so it’s not yet so cool. 
So in this ip, people can learn to feel what’s happening in heaven and on earth.“

Master Dean Li

It seems as if there are two different forms of time or its perception: In fact, from the sky it is already autumn. But since the earth still stores so much heat, it feels like another time. Therefore, energy is always connected with feeling. From the feeling it is still like summer.

„Nevertheless the time is already there.
It always has to do with this information.
We could feel very clearly that autumn has already come.
The important thing is, that we first find the Yin, then we can develop it further. 

In this time we can even feel what clean Yin means.
Now it is just coming. This is interesting.“

Master Dean Li

A good opportunity for us. Year to year, chance to chance…

„Every year there are such times when change occurs.
It’s at this time that there’s a chance.
You have to feel it right in this time, of course, because it’s just beginning.“

Master Dean Li

Feeling the shift to Yin

Autumn is already beginning, but the condition of the people still remains in summer. The people are, if you want to use a picture, already in the third grade, but the first and second lesson is still connected to the second grade in terms of content. 

„This has the meaning that people are still completely in the Yang.
Because the sun has been stored so strongly and it still works this way. 

But actually we have already arrived in the Yin. 
The Yin is very small. How is the feeling about it?“

Master Dean Li

During the heat, Chǔshǔ, it is difficult for our body to match the autumn mood. But spiritually we can make a connection and harmony with it. The universe already shows our spirit something, we just have to discover it. We don’t see yet that it is autumn. But it is there. We just have to feel it well.

„We can feel it if we concentrate very carefully. 
So we can correspond to the qi of autumn.“

Master Dean Li

Adapting to change

Why is this fine instinct important now? The environment around us is constantly changing. Every shift changes something and every transition represents an opportunity for us. For example, we all get older every day. But growing without experience is not so fruitful.

„It is very important for people to have these experiences.
If we can grow together with the time and the experiences, it’ s no problem.
In times of change, we should feel exactly what the meaning is. Then we can grow well.“

Master Dean Li

At ip Chǔshǔ we practice adapting to changes. We should not only experience this change in the body, but also maintain the connection in the spirit. In this way we can achieve a physical and spiritual balance.

The Yin is very young and so small at this time. You could say it is just coming out of the core or seed as a very small shoot. It has hidden from the heat in summer. Now it can slowly emerge. 


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