DEAN-ip on 21 July 2020 / 22 July 2020
大暑 (Dàshǔ) Extreme Heat

Topic: „How do we deal with extreme Yang-Qi?"
Dàshǔ, the extreme heat

The last solarterm in summer is Dàshǔ, 大暑. „Dà“ means „big and strong, extreme“ and „shǔ“ means „heat“. This solarterm is in the hottest time of the year. „Hot“ here means a form of energy. Whether I feel it hot outside is another question. During this time the energy is very high, too strong. 

How can we handle „too much“?

Dàshǔ is associated with extreme heat, but extreme heat means dirty Yang-Qi.

„All people say: „You need Yang energy!“ 
But if it’s dirty Yang energy, better not. 
Better avoid it!
With this ip we learn two things: 
There is dirty Yang energy that comes from the people themselves, from within.
And there is the impure Yang-Qi from outside. We should learn to distinguish between them.“

Master Dean Li

Recognize and work together

In each exercise we train our feeling for ourselves and for the coherences in life. During this ip it is about recognizing where dirty Yang comes from.

„If it comes from within, we have to make karmic solution.
Because we fight, fight, fight, 
and thus keep the dirt 
or produce it.
This comes from within.“

Master Dean Li

Disturbed by karma, our organs work wrongly – and the dirty Yang can come to us. Because of our resistances and the lack of energy flow we produce even more bad Yang Qi.

On the other hand, this time and the environment is so extreme. This means dirt from outside, which we should avoid. Contact with other people is one example, another is the weather.

When I’m in contact with someone, it’s like the weather… It can lead to difficulties with people or the weather, for example.

„When I have problems, I should feel 
are they coming from me or from others? 
From others means that they come from outside. 

If there is enough power, then I can work with it.
If there is not enough strength, then it is better to go away.

That is good for all women, for example, because it bothers every woman.
Actually, the Yin needs the Yang. But if the Yang-Qi is dirty, what does it mean?“

Master Dean Li

Because of so much dirty Yang, people are in inner turmoil, they become aggressive and then there is anger. Because of the inner heat in the body, the liver, or the element wood, is affected. It gets „burned“. Then we show great agitation. When we come in contact with dirty Yang-Qi, the liver cannot hold this extreme heat. Finally it is burned, because it is too much. 

When doing the exercise, it is good to first feel what heat is coming, from inside or outside. If we feel it coming from inside, then we have to solve something. But if it comes from the outside, then we better move away from it.

If we stay with the example of the weather: heat is not for everyone. In the shade it will immediately become more pleasant and the heat less. But if the heat seems brutal, it’s better not to expose yourself to the sun. You can sense this if you have not lost the feeling for it.

„Europe has problems with the sun, because people „starve“ with it.
Everyone thinks sun is good, sun is good… It’s usually too much.
Every year so many people have sun problems.
It’s a false hunger, because they can’t feel properly.“

Master Dean Li

The joint connection with ip Dàshǔ is a networking that makes more possible for everyone.

„More ingredients – more possible.“

Master Dean Li


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