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立冬 (Lìdōng) Winter is coming

Topic: Feeling the transformation of nature and bringing the spirit into peace.
Lìdōng - feel the change

„Lìdōng“, 立冬, is the 19th solarterm of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar. This period marks the official beginning of winter. Lìdōng is the gathering of all things to find peace, to feel the spirit. At this time the vegetation dies, the locusts and beetles rest and the activities of all things in nature cease.

‚Lì‘ means that the beginning is coming: getting up, building, setting up. ‚Dōng‘ is one of the seasons, it means the last season. The year ends. After ‚Dōng‘ spring comes again. This means that everything in nature is prepared to gather. Just like the animals that hide and sleep do.

In the nature there are the seasons – each with its original information. How do we agree with that? Can we perceive and assess their changes? Why is it so important to feel what happens when winter comes?

Feeling the energy as if by itself

In our modern everyday life with heaters, thick jackets, cars and all kinds of technology, our feeling for nature is sometimes lost.

„In the old days, people who understood the Dao oriented themselves 
to Yin and Yang, the two principles that make up nature, 
and lived in accordance with the laws of the cosmos 
and the stars.“

The Yellow Emperor’s classic on internal medicine, 
W. G. A. Schmidt

The wise men taught the people how to preserve their life force, how to avoid harmful influences from outside and inside, and how to preserve the spirit.

Bringing the spirit into peace

Nature always gives us clear information. If we follow it, our spirit remains calm and our body is not exhausted. At present, nature provides us with simple and clear information. It tells us: „Winter is winter“. Inside we know this, our body can normally feel it. But we do not act accordingly. We have to feel what comes from winter and what is good for us now.

When it gets cold, all living beings normally retreat. They feel it is the time for rest. In winter the beetles hide to keep warm. This can be taken as an example for us. „Hiding“ here has the meaning for us, that our spirit must be at rest and in in a state of „hidden“. The Yang should no longer be so strong in movement. So clearly connected we can feel nature like a miracle.

„What state should our spirit have at this time?
Our state must adapt well 
– like nature.
To feel again from the spirit and to connect with it.
Because it’s winter, everything stays calm.“

Master Dean Li

The first thing we should consider for our lives are the natural laws of heaven and earth. To be able to grasp their changes as if by ourselves and to live according to them, brings us into harmony with nature.

The Qi of Lìdōng helps us to prepare well for the winter by adapting and keeping calm; that we protect ourselves like the living beings who also retreat.

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