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小暑 (Xiǎoshǔ) Beginning of the Heat

Topic: The condition of the people must fit to the outside.
Xiǎoshǔ - beginning of the heat

The annual division „Xiǎoshǔ“, 小暑, marks a climatic change, now the time of the heat begins. We are part of nature and our physical condition is naturally influenced by weather changes. This time is determined by extremes.

In such exceptional circumstances we can particularly well experience how to avoid extremes. To best preserve our life force, says the Yellow Emperor*, it is good to live in accordance with the laws and energy of heaven and earth. 

This exercise from Xiǎoshǔ also means that we have respect for nature. When it’s hot outside, we should respect it and protect ourselves. First of all it is important that we ourselves can feel what ‘heat’ means. (This is also transferable to other things. For example, if we feel our ego, then we can avoid it as well.) If we feel it, then we know: „Now we have to do something!“. We can only feel with a clear sense. But unclear emotions can disturb our own feelings. That is so unfortunate.

Dealing with energy

Nature gives us good examples. By understanding how we react to external conditions, we learn to use energy. This is the real meaning of practice. Exercise means that we try to deal with the energy, to bring it into harmony inside and outside, to make it fit.

As in nature, we humans sometimes have „extreme times“. This means that sooner or later we may be confronted with an extreme energy that can be harmful for us. It is comparable when someone is in a bad mood, that is ‚extreme‘. We have to learn how to deal with such circumstances and how to be in harmony with the environment.

Energy is energy. Actually, there is no ‚bad‘ or ‚good‘. Everything is simply energy. But it can be too extreme for us at the moment, a bit too heated. If we are not attentive enough, it becomes a „bad“ energy for us. But if we can use it well, then it turns out to be „good energy“. It is about how we deal with it. Depending on what we do and how we react to it, it is good or bad. If we adapt enough, then it means ‚good‘. 

„The flow of energy has to do with the invisible. 
We feel through the visible what the invisible is.“
Master Dean Li

Inside and outside

There is a state of energy of every single person, of everyone himself, and there is the state of nature, of the outside, of the Dao. 

„Everything that shows itself from heaven is called Dao. 
Heaven shows it for everyone, in general. That which is for all is called Dao.“
Master Dean Li

The name „Daoming“ shows us one truth: For every human being there is a destiny, a life of its own. This is the meaning of ‚Ming‘. Ming shows the circumstances from within, our starting position, ourselves, our karma. And there is also the ‚Dao‘, that is: the way. The Dao is for everyone, it is outside, nature. Of course there are different ways, there are thousands. We can see which way is good for us. First of all we should find and know our own inner state (Ming). If we know something about it, then we clearly recognize what suits us.

 What changes are coming to us is neither good nor bad. The exercise is how we deal with change and how we bring the inside and outside into harmony. The Qi of Xiǎoshǔ helps us to recognize the right way and to go on. So we can develop well.


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* The Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine. Wolfgang G. A. Schmidt

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