DEAN-ip on 21 Sep 2020 / 22 Sep 2020
秋分 (Qiū Fēn) autumn equinox

Topic: „Growing in harmony in the time of balance."
Qiū Fēn, Time of compensation

Qiū Fēn, the „autumn equinox“ is the 16th solarterm. The autumn equinox is half Yin and half Yang. Day and night are of equal length. 

Twice a year we have a special opportunity to connect with this natural equilibrium, at the vernal and autumnal equinoxes. Why can we find harmony more easily at this time of year? This is made possible by this „half and half“, by the balance of forces.

„Normally we always practice in extreme times. 
Sometimes it is very cool, sometimes too hot…
Now is a good time to bring balance into the world.

Now it is just „half and half“ – so beautiful. 
But still we have to feel in the beauty, 
what this „beautiful“ means.“

Master Dean Li

Many people may feel that the energy during exercise is only effective if the impact is extreme. Because they think: „So many strong reactions, then something happens!“ A half and half state means that nothing else is happening. But actually a lot happens in this balanced state…

„Actually, this balanced state is even better.“

Master Dean Li

Balance and quantum leap

In traditional Chinese medicine, balance means a healthy body, gentle energy and a stable spirit. If there is a balance, then it is healthy. Balance means harmony. From the perspective of our exercise, balance means the possibility to start over.

„A gentle and balanced state is stable. 
Then a quantum leap is possible.

Slowly the coolness and the winter comes back. 
Whenever something begins anew, then a quantum leap is possible
– if we can use it. 

This has to do with you.“

Master Dean Li

„巅“, Diān, means the point above the balance. Below are Yin and Yang, above are the mountains; the new we deal with. The growth, a quantum leap, always arises from balance. It goes on endlessly. Every equilibrium is followed by growth until a new equilibrium is reached.

Gentle healing

The exercise of the DEAN method is to let us find the feeling of balance, which means to find change when there is no change. What does this mean? 

If we know how to find balance, our life does not need big ups and downs, we can grow in small changes. 

For example the healing of diseases with the DEAN method often does not need „stormy“ forms or ways. Rather, it works like a continuous, gentle drizzle that „quietly and silently moistens“ everything.  The healing always happens in this quiet time. When we find peace, then something happens.

A further example is the question and answer in the DEAN Life Talk, which may only represent a small change for us. But every change can help us to break through the barriers and make quantum leaps.

The New Lifestyle

„Dao means nature. 
Actually we can understand a lot about nature. 
After all, nature is God. 
The Dao – or God – has created everything for us, everything is already there. 
But of course we must seize the opportunity!“

Master Dean Li

Often we do not even see these possibilities. It is a great luck to work with the DEAN method. Because with it we can work with the informations and train ourselves to understand better. So we have the possibility to recognize more of the Dao and use his gifts.

„What does future mean? 
What does the „new way of life“ mean?

It means
to live with the spiritual or
to be spiritual with life.

In this world there are so many people who are spiritual,
but forget to live.
And there are so many people who live 
and forget the spiritual

But God always shows us both sides. 
He shows us how to live, but he also shows us how to be spiritual. 
But people in this society only realize 
one or the other.

That is why they do not understand this „half and half“.

In nature or by God
the balance is always half and half.
But when people live like this, they are not understood.“

Master Dean Li

Our trained thought patterns work in this long practiced way. Every state, every religion prefers to support only one side – and the other cannot develop. This also happens in the education of our children. And so it often happens that particularly well educated people fight and struggle so much in their lives, with themselves and with all others. One side is so strongly developed, but the heart is often broken.

When we meet one of these special people on the other side, who have been able to keep their natural balance, we immediately understand with our heart. Because these people have been able to preserve their personality. Our world needs this energy, this balance and this healing.

The solarterm Qiū Fēn

This solarterm is such a good chance to regain balance and find back to this inner peace. 

„Over the summer we worked with the Yang, the Yang and again the Yang. Now we experience how we slowly work with the Yin. Come to calm down again, let the Yin work and come to this time of change.“

Master Dean Li

The movement exercise, for example, has the meaning that the Yang energy is in action. And to come to rest again means that we now let the Yin work. If we are only in motion and nobody comes to rest, it will harm in the long run. 

Possibility: Homework to Master Li

Homework is always useful, when we have a feeling for something, for example an experience or a state. Then we can show people something like a good example. 

There is now this special time of balance. This can be an impulse to share the feeling of this time. For example, we can think about how we worked with this Yang energy before. Which experiences are important for us?

„So we save our experiences and don’t forget them for the next year. Then we can make a quantum leap.“

Master Dean Li

Everyone can summarize the findings for themselves and send them as homework to Daoming – and thus to Master Li (info(a) Master Li looks at how each person develops and helps. 


The registration for DEAN-ip September is possible until 20.09.2020 at 3 p.m.. Attention, short registration time!

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Possibility to practice together in Hamburg

There are different possibilities to practise together at DEAN-ip. For this you can contact the responsible person until 20.09.2020 at 12 o’clock. You can practice the whole time or only a part of it. Just indicate your desired times.

DEAN healing practice:
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