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清明 (Qīngmíng) Clear and Bright

Topic: „Qīngmíng - clear and understood."
Qīngmíng, clear and understood

清明, Qīngmíng, returns every year as a solarterm. In China, the Qīngmíng festival traditionally honours the ancestors and pays them the respect they deserve. It is a good way to prepare for the future. 

„We do so many things, 
so much is said, 
all in order to understand better.

The whole method is actually just like two words. 
These two words are: 
清明, Qīngmíng.“

Master Dean Li

Qīngmíng and the children

„I work with the children now.
So they learn the meaning of Qīngmíng from the beginning:
Qīng means clear and Míng means understood.
If the children are clear and have understood, then they can even be our teacher later.“

Master Dean Li

The children absorb the energy very directly. They are even more relaxed and clear than adults. 

„When the children have understood the first basic exercise, 
their whole life becomes so relaxed, light and happy. 

That is why the first basic exercise is so important. 
The first basic exercise is called Qīngmíng.“

Master Dean Li

Understanding and quantum connection

How we can progress in life, start something new or make a quantum leap depends in each case on our possibilities and our individual understanding. 

For this, honesty from the heart is very important. Everything starts with our readiness and the seriousness of our intentions, our heart. Sometimes people speak many words, for example, but their heart says something completely different… 

If we have understood and want to put something into practice, then we need both: the connection and the honest heart.

„Depending on how you understand, you can start something.
That means energy.
Just as I am connecting with you now.

If we both have understood, then we can start now.
This is the energy.“

Master Dean Li

So two meet and the own understanding connects the disciple with the master. That is quantum entanglement. This connection is always between you, your understanding and the Master. When we have really understood, we can always and immediately start again. 

It is simply energy, qi. When this qi is there, the understanding is there – and vice versa.

„Now you can connect with me. 
This is your possibility 
and my possibility.
Of course, it has nothing to do with others.“

Master Dean Li

But this quantum physics is always a paradox. The Master’s connection with the disciple goes beyond what we can perhaps grasp with our common sense:

„Nevertheless, this energy that I am building between you and me has to do with everybody. 
Energy always has to do with everything.

And so, for example, this information that is between us, 
can be understood by someone else in a completely different place.
That’s quantum physics.“

Master Dean Li

The living source

If we want to be happy, then – as we know – energy should flow well. Then there is life, joy, FuQi. If the children, grandma and grandpa or we … really want to be happy, then it is very important that the ancestors are alive for us.

There is a Chinese verse: 问君哪得清如许,为有源头活水来.

It represents the request to find clear water. The clear, flowing water is a metaphor for the connection with the origins, the source of the living.

„If the children want to be happy, then of course it is very important that the source, the ancestors are alive.

If your ancestors are alive for you, 
then you don’t need so much effort.
So happy.“

Master Dean Li

The source is important for the children. If the source dries up, what a pity for the people! 

Ancestor Connection

We know that our ancestors came before us. Of course, many people think: „What is it with ancestors? They’re long dead! What does that have to do with me today?“ But when we know that our ancestors are alive, it helps us to live a content and fulfilled life. 

In Qīngmíng, we connect with them, our source. If we let a source become polluted, we can no longer draw from it. We should pay careful attention to this. 

„The main thing is that the source is clear and clean. 
The main thing is that there is no disturbance.

The source must be alive.
If it is alive, so clear and pure,
then it must not be polluted.

This connection is quite precious,
so hard to explain,
but you can feel it.“

Master Dean Li

At the Qīngmíng Festival, we connect with our ancestors. Through Master Dean Li and Daoming Li’s help and our sincere practice, the connection can come alive again.

„If your feeling and energy reach your ancestors,
they come alive and live again through this connection.“

Master Dean Li

Celebrating Qīngmíng together

Qīngmíng is such a beautiful festival and Easter is also such a beautiful festival. Everything belongs together. 

The child asked the master: „Who are you?“
And the master replied: „I am simply nothing.“

If we are Qīngmíng, we are nothing, then who else should fight with us, get angry with us, or where else should there be problems?

„Qīngmíng is a state. 
When you are Qīngmíng, it is already enough.

Then it doesn’t matter what your name is, but that you are Qiangming.
Everyone loves you.“

Master Dean Li

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

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Registration for the DEAN-ip “Qīngmíng” is open until 02.04.2021 at 3 pm.

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