It was magical last night! Thanks all!
I was facing a newly adopted dog by myself when I started practicing with Germany and fortune at the Festival „Awakening of Insects“. It is a little big, then a little exciting and powerful. I need to pull it back from the Teahouse. Before that I never thought I could do it well. Because I was afraid of animals and dogs since I was a child. I have psychological barriers in close contact with animals.
But it’s amazing that when I realized that we were all practicing together, I felt like a new person. A gentle air filled my surroundings, and I felt love and strength. This didn’t let me be alarmed, very calm and from time to time I said something encouraging to the dog. Slowly adjust to his rhythm and his own rhythm.
Dogs are also more peaceful than imaginations, and sometimes they seem to automatically know where to go. The whole evening was very quiet! It felt like a seamless link to the new owner! All this made me feel amazing. For this, I am very grateful to all of you who have practiced together! Thanksgiving for your strength has helped me overcome the psychological barriers to animals successfully!
After setting up the dog, I began to lie down on the bed to practice, I can still feel the warm air, there is a slight vibration in all organs. Inner inexplicable joy. Several times I felt tears in my eyes.
It is very similar to my tea drinking experience! My teacher told me it was a tear of mercy. Then I fell asleep gradually. He slept until about 4:50 and suddenly woke up. It’s about 5 o’clock when I think of the beginning of the sting. Just sit up and meditate. I counted about 72 times and continued to lie down and sleep. When I sleep with my eyes closed, I suddenly feel a faint purple light, near and far.
I didn’t wake up fresh until 7 o’clock. This is the earliest time I’ve stood up lately. I met a sister, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, and her two friends. We talked about Chinese medicine, health preservation and even more talking about DEAN accompany!
I really feel the wonderful process of the DEAN accompany. I also recognized the cognitive differences at different levels. Then, even if there are different opinions, we can keep the trust gap open. This in itself has made me feel very grateful!
In the afternoon I suddenly feel very sleepy and sleepy. I am usually awake at noon meditation, but yesterday was sleepy, even just wanted to fall back and have a good sleep. It’s not until evening! And then at night: As soon al I got into bed, I fell asleep.
Until the end of the practice, I felt that the spirit was still there, and it didn’t disappear at the end of the practice. Continue to experience.