Experience of International Practice the Festival „Awakening of Insect”
After practicing together, I soon got Qi. Liver-Qi is the first to start. Tears flow out naturally, without sadness or joy. Then the heart-Qi, spleen-Qi, lungs- and kidneys-Qi come one after another, just like the arranged order.
After a while, Qi began to appear in my hands meridians, I have been immersed in the whole atmosphere, without carefully distinguishing which meridians. The hands begin to float and unfold, and the sound of the muscles and bones can be clearly heard. The initial vibration will be accompanied by a slight sense of pain. This feeling is only when it is shaking, then it is the comfort of both hands, full and warm with Qi.
I cross-legged in bed, the body to the tail vertebra as a point, began to gently shake, like the wind swinging willow, a stream of energy from the inside up, leading to the cervical spine and hands, a burst of comfort, the body’s fatigue was released, the body became soft and relaxed.
At this time, family members all go to sleep, an idea arises: sleep, lie down, sleep seconds.
Around 5 o’clock, the sound of David cough woke me up. The cough sounded terrible. I sat him up and caressed his back. At about 5:20, he still had a cough. I sent a message to tell Master Li about the condition of David and asked for help. At the same time, I let him practice, help him set his hands, I sat behind him cross-legged and practice. After a while, the cough became less and less. Seeing that he wanted to lie down, I said, go to sleep. He lay down again and went to sleep. Master Li replies “ok”.
After sending David to kindergarten in the morning, his mother was worried about whether he would cough. She asked the teacher,the teacher said that he had no cough, but he took a nap for two hours and slept soundly.
When she got up in the morning, Xiaobao said that she already knew how to develop China-Germany cooperation (Master Li asked us to think about it the night before). Looking at her bright eyes, I knew that she had received very important information. In the morning, listening to Xiaobao describing the whole idea, clear and feasible. On the evening of the 6th, I talked with Master Li about China-Germany cooperation. In some places, what she said coincided with what Master Li said.
After lunch, we took a lunch break and slept soundly, as if we were very tired and tired. This is a strange thing for me. On the evening of the 6th, I asked Master Li, who said that it was a good phenomenon. It was very difficult for us to feel this kind of tiredness. We really realized that our body relaxed at this time. It also shows that the spirit is doing things and the body is adjusting.
Before and after the practice , there seems to be a delicate energy in my body, which is weak and special, and I don’t know its purpose very well. This feeling has always been there, including when I write about it, and I think I will continue to feel it.
Thank you for your participation. I am very happy to have the opportunity to practice with you.