I’ve been practicing for 40 minutes and I feel pretty comfortable and my friends say I look a little bit tipsy.
My insides tingle at different times. There are other wonderful feelings that we will share next time.
There were three times in the sitting exercise last night that I felt so warm and so touched that my eyes watered as if I had felt the kindness of the earth.
It is as if this feeling allows me to integrate into the high energy network of the earth, and at the same time feel the strange feeling of being together, of being at peace with each other. This is a real feeling, not making up a story, this is the most unique one, since I participated in the common practice. After the practice, I could feel myself as warm as with a drink, with good blood and energy on my face.
Then I appeared from another room, my partner did not practice, also got up from the bed, we happened to show laughter and relaxed, which is also quite amazing, also talked about some imaginative trifles before going to bed, laughing very hard, fall asleep very quickly.
This is the feeling of the information layer, there is no way to think with the brain, just accept it .
I believe, my friends at home and I are looking forward to meeting you in Germany. I can feel your feelings when practicing together. This reminds me of a saying that the Mayan ancients greeted each other: (in Kal esh) You are another me.