It became clear to me in this meditation that through our common method we form a field in which we can experience a problem that arises in Germany or in China becoming visible, to work together on the spiritual level (in the silence of nothingness). This can then be expressed on the material level (form) as a solution.
We can then also experience, that we do not have to “create” everything alone (in one country), that there are problems that we can solve globally on the spiritual level, without intention, without effort, following the energy, without the ego being able to push itself in between, because in this situation there are only participants and the energy, no objects only subjects, no hierarchy, no will, only perception.
In his message from the last H&B seminar, Master Li quotes the yellow emperor: „When two things connect, a miracle is created.“ And he continues: „And also in our life such miracles happen again and again, only we are often not concentrated enough to connect with them and to develop with them, as for example with the quantum leap.“
The method has brought East and West together. If we seize the opportunity, the method can help us in our further development. I wish this with all my heart, not only for us, but for the development of the whole world. Everything is connected.