I think it’s very, very nice, how we’re all connected to the energy. I feel it very, very strongly. Even the last days already. On Monday it was very special. I was at home for a short time over lunch and then of course in the evening. I felt a very special peace and silence, but with a very strong power. This morning it felt that way to me, as if I had gotten back a little more of my lost kidney energy. I find that very, very interesting.
The cold of Menert, my son, has improved. He didn’t have to drag himself through school, so it was good. Otherwise he would have had to stay in bed. He says he is well. He wrote a very good test yesterday, with top marks. During the day he hardly noticed, that he had a cold or had to sneeze or cough all the time. He felt better. The cold hasn’t completely gone yet, but maybe it helped. In everyday life he makes the connection or sometimes thinks of Master Li. At school, according to Menert, everything went a little better. He told me, that he felt everything and that he felt joy and strength. I feel that too.
We live in a block of flats, where there are flats next to, above and below us. And I know that these houses are there, in the neighbourhood. When you feel connected with everyone, it is not so important. I don’t perceive the neighbourhood that way. I feel more. If you feel more, then what is nearby is also important, but not quite so important, because you also feel what is further away.
Somewhere I really find it a pity, that international practice is now finished, because it was really like that when I was at home, or wherever, and put my tongue to my palate and closed my eyes, then I just fully felt it, I found it brilliant.
When I go more into myself, then I feel a very special silence and a peace with a really great power behind it.
I was in the mountains during ip and found it very special. It was not so high, but high enough, to be above the clouds in the sun. When you are higher, there is automatically a completely different energy. Everything down there isn’t that important anymore. Everything just becomes clearer.
I’m really very grateful and I’m really glad, that Menert also took part, the two of us together. I think it’s really great, unbelievable. And I think something very special happened in those two days, that will continue to have an effect for a long time to come; something we may not be able to grasp exactly. Or not yet.
Menert and I read “What makes international practice so special”, and I thought longer about the sentence: „You and I are our world, says Master Li. Now the world is our you and me.“ I asked my son how he understood that. Then he thought longer and then he said: „Yes, that means that we communicate more with each other now and that means more freedom for us.“ Sometimes you have to ask the children. Then everything is so simple.