I always need a little time to investigate, how the energetic situation I perceive during the exercises affects the following days.
I was lucky to be able to get off my school duty on Monday and Tuesday and to have experienced a very intense kidney exercise afternoon shortly before. On February 5th I was able to practice intensively several times a day and already felt energetically strengthened and prepared.
In the morning and afternoon I practiced alone at home, in the evening I followed Birgit’s invitation and practiced together with some others in silence in the room of the Dean practice. I really enjoyed the peace and intensity of the practice that day.
Although I had a lot of strenuous work at school again on the following days, I was able to stay in a mood and feeling of serenity, serenity, good grounding and good clarity. I felt a good steadfastness in all the chaos and need of many people around me; I could do many things, feel situations clearly and decide things and I could take good care of what I find especially great and also pass on a bit of this good energy and balance to others.
At the moment I am in a good mood and therefore happy and grateful.
Greetings and thank you very much for your effort of fast and light-footed organization (that’s what spontaneously decided for me felt like).