international practice – that was a great enrichment and joy for me and gave me a lot of opportunity to learn.
I was able to devote myself completely to the energy and was also able to experience such a beautiful flow during the preparation. It feels strong and gentle, happy and relaxed. Something very special.
At the moment I am amazed, how apparently very old, familiar thought structures can dissolve. This combined energy has strong power and brings us a lot of happiness. I made these experiences physically (pain showed up and strong tiredness) and felt in my heart as a living flow.
The opportunity to come into personal contact with participants fills me with joy and gratitude. The heart opens. A heartfelt connection, which I feel I have longed for deeply for a long time. That is like healing.
The profit we have, when we share our experiences, becomes so clear to me. It may be that a big event can be better understood, if we share the different experiences together. Everyone brings his energy to it and the ability to understand becomes greater through the many people, who open themselves to it and each other.
The predominant feeling at international practice is joy and ease. A gentle freedom and openness for all. We can open ourselves through FuQi. This is a big thing and I really learn a lot.
That is so unbelievable! Thank you!
I am happy to go on with all of you!