What impressed me very much was this great silence and peace – in me and around me. Especially in times when I practiced, in the morning before getting up and very intensively from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. in the room, where we practiced together. There was this silence, this peace and quiet and this deep feeling of connection.
I was also deeply touched by the knowledge, that so many people come together and practice. It does not matter where someone is at the moment… On the spiritual level we are all connected.
How natural it was now with international practice, that we all come together and practice at different places and even continents and work more and more with this spiritual level. And now we simply practice together with people in China as a matter of course. That really touched me. That this is possible, that we get this opportunity and practice it – without any ifs or buts. We just do it. We practice together and are connected. This is a totally exciting development.
The word that was often used by the people with whom I practiced in the room of the „healing practice“ or during the open practice on Sunday was: joy. This joy, that there is international practice, that we all come together and practice. One participant told me, that she had always opened the registration link to see how many people had registered. Who else had registered, who will practice together now?! She was filled with a great joy.
And yesterday, the day after international practice, it felt so simple and natural that we came together and practiced again. It doesn’t matter who is there and how many. We are all connected. No matter where we are at the moment or which people are visibly present. While practicing I had a “feeling of happiness bursting to bursting”, such an infinitely great joy in me, that I thought again: Birgit, a little careful, not that the great joy and the great happiness are too much and bring something back into imbalance.
I found it exciting, that the two days of international practice, on which I had to work, were very restless on the outside, but I was carried by an unbelievable peace on the inside, so that this restlessness bounced off me. That was impressive. Wednesday I could feel a clear difference as I was infected by the outer restlessness. And then I remembered this connection and this peace. That helped me a lot. I had to think of the words of Master Li: „When you have the connection, save! Save and retrieve.“ And that’s what I did the last two days.
Today, day two after international practice, I am tired and exhausted, but happy. Physically tired and internally still as if I could pull out trees. Now I want to bring that a little bit into balance.
For me this connection was very strong and this inner peace and this feeling of happiness, FuQi. That was the greatest thing for me. Many, many thanks for this opportunity.
I am simply happy and I am happy, that so many people have used this and that we will continue to work here.