In the mornings and forenoons I felt “a part of it”. At noon I became happy and a bit excited, especially shortly before we had arranged to chat. I felt my heart very intensely. It was like being in a very big room. My feeling was that I was just about to cry. But there was no crying, but a feeling of happiness again and again. That alternated several times. And then I was able to set up WeChat at short notice, which hadn’t worked out the days before. I felt a very big connection! So beautiful!
Since Monday I feel my liver for a long time. I am very happy about that! It was somehow hidden, encased and did not show itself openly. Now I always greet her lovingly and encourage her to stay and communicate. I also want to move again! Yesterday and today I went for a long walk.
I also actually wanted to post a photo of my children and me in WeChat. Victor, my son, photographed my little Buddha and wanted to post him as well. Let’s see if we can catch up.