It’s amazing, there are many new feelings. I only practiced for about an hour. As I sat in silence, I entered the qigong state and adjusted my breathing, the body began to vibrate like an electric current. The bones of the spine cracked. The noise outside the room turned into a frequency fluctuation. It is like a wave when a stone falls into a lake. About ten minutes later there was another magical feeling. The vibrations of my belly were electric currents flowing from bottom to top and then to the two arms. And then on the palm of my hand. The rhythm stopped. About 50 seconds.
Physical fever. Then I lay down and practiced. Adaptation of breathing. The body felt a vibration again. As if I were the center of a whirlpool. This feeling lasted about 15 seconds. The time is not very exact, because I did not want to disturb the state of the body with my will.