Good evening, everyone. I am HY. Let us connect tonight to the infinite, connected to happiness beyond time and space. Many thanks to all friends in Germany and China. We are all brothers and sisters.
Let us pray for peace and tranquility for the world. And everyone can embark on the road of spiritual awakening.
Tonight I practiced for 40 minutes before the time ran out. In the twinkling of an eye a friend appeared with dark eyes, black sweater, sitting cross-legged. I couldn’t see his face and he appeared several times in front of me. I kept my eyes open. Several times there was a feeling as if time had stopped and perception disappeared.
This evening my relatives got drunk and quarreled for a long time without stopping. I went up to calm them down. In a peaceful way I said, „Calm down, everyone’s life is not easy.“ I knocked my hands on his chest. I felt his whole body tense. I touched his arms and chest with „urgency“. Finally, minutes later, there was no more quarrel. Most of them cried and embraced each other, which gave me a very pleasant feeling. Strange, but this contact makes my head a little dizzy, so there is the sitting exercise above. Share it with you. I wish you all to be tolerant and true to yourselves