Although I ordered DQD at 05.02, I had strong sensations at 04.02 and 06.02.
On 04.02. I had hardly any possibility to meditate, but I had a strong desire to withdraw all day long and prefer to just sleep. The energy flow felt strong, deep and a bit heavy.
On 05.02 I had time to practice, but didn’t know exactly how and what I wanted to do. Since I didn’t do the basic training, I don’t know the exercises so well. I practice the four basic exercises again and again, also on 05.02.
On 06.02 I had practiced again and suddenly I was in FuQi Village. There came up the pictures, which I have seen on your Internet page: beautiful nature, mountains, river, clear air. I don’t know if there is a river, I saw it:)).
I was there and felt not alone. I didn’t see any people, but the connection was noticeable. And it was great, very relieving, calming and just beautiful.