DEAN-ip on 19 Jan 2022 / 20 Jan 2022
大寒 (Dàhán) Great Cold

Drawing: Verena Heyden

Text: Maren Kunzendorf, Nicola Martens und Sebastian Hubrach

Topic: When everyone does something together - that is ip. Let's experience ip Dà Hán together!
Connection in the international exercise

Connected by the energy, we practice together at the times of the solarterms, each of which gives us deep information about nature. The natural cycle of these periods leads us back to our original rhythm, our origin, the common and our own. In ip Dà Hán we practice together with different nations. This connection happens directly with the heart – an immediate interconnectedness on the invisible level. If we work well together, we are stronger. Difficult situations can be balanced in a completely different way, we can see more, understand differently than we could, for example, alone or in only one culture.

This access to information is made possible by the spiritual connection. You can say: we help each other, through the help of Master Li and his sons, to understand the truth better and to listen to our original heart, to feel it and to understand it.

Especially at this time, due to the external circumstances, we can understand all the better how important is the good contact with each other, on a worldly level, but first of all on a spiritual level…. One is a help to the other: Sometimes a child helps its mother, sometimes it happens the other way around. Perhaps we can also feel the energy flowing back and forth between us and the ancestors. If we connect openly and sincerely with the energy, this harmonious togetherness arises. In this way, the circulation becomes greater and can expand more and more in our perception and effect. Thus, no one has to feel alone anymore. Worries and fears can melt away.

Dà Hán, starting anew together

The solarterm Dà Hán, 大寒, has arrived, showing us that spring is not far away. Now a new cycle of 24 solarterms will also soon dawn. Again and again life gives us the opportunity to evolve and start something new well.

When we keep the energy good and stay connected,
we prepare the next steps and the next stage.
Start well and keep doing it well,
then move on to the next level and on…

Dà Hán translates as “great winter” and brings us severe cold, which is also a symbol of deep calm. In the animal world, this corresponds to hibernation; in the rest of nature, too, plants and living beings naturally hide away. When we follow this original cycle, we retreat in order to draw strength for the new in the calm.

But this time shows itself to us quite differently and often confronts us with restlessness and worry. The associated emotions can ignite an inner heat, which in turn can weaken the immune system and our own strength. To harmonise this heat and regain inner peace, we can connect with the energy of the solarterm Dà Hán.

If there is not this cool, calm feeling with us outside now, we should do extra practice with Dà Hán to stay calm.

If we can all stay calm together, then it will also remain calmer in the outer world. At the same time, we prepare ourselves well inwardly for the new cycle and its possibilities. Dà Hán opens up the opportunity for all of us to gather enough energy and stability to make a leap in our own development in the spring. This is an occasion for hope and joy.

Ip gives us this space, as does every project of the DEAN method. Sharing experiences is so valuable. Everyone could contribute their impulses to ip’s newsletter, because everyone has their own feeling about things. Be it through a picture, a video, a voice message or a poem for example – every voice is unique and important. When we show this information together, everything comes alive. It is all of our FuQi to feel this common connectedness in the solarterm Dà Hán.

Herald of the Chinese New Year

“The connection that the Chinese have with Dà Hán is, for example, its proximity to the Chinese New Year, which it heralds. At the same time, Dàhán is the last period of a year in the Chinese lunar calendar.  Many Chinese traditions come to light during this time. Dà Hán means the Great Cold, one could also say the coldest time of the year. Xiǎo Hán, 小寒, or little cold, is the solarterm that takes place before it. This cold is naturally perceived differently in different regions in China. I, for example, am in the south of China. Here, the difference between the two types of cold is most noticeable. The god Janus, for example, is the god who opens and closes doors. He stands at a new beginning and at an end. Dà Hán has a similar meaning. When we experience this term in China, we are already inwardly making preparations for the new year. It is quite an eventful time here in China, because the Chinese New Year is always celebrated on a very, very large scale. In addition, the New Year is welcomed with all kinds of traditions. In general, people prepare to get rid of the old dirt and face the new year with full, new energy.”
Daosheng Li

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