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小雪 (Xiǎoxuě) minor snow

Topic: Staying in harmony with nature's change.
Xiǎoxuě, change of state

Nature shows us at Xiǎoxuě, the 20th solarterm, that the yin and yang energy and the whole atmosphere begin to become more calm and quiet. Nature changes direction. The yang energy rises to the sky, while the yin energy sinks to the ground. In autumn, everything prepares well for winter. The animals and insects hide in caves or holes to protect themselves. The state changes from active energy to a concentrated, reduced form of activity. It is like going home to peaceful calm and serenity. In this way, we can learn to focus and strengthen the connection, as the first-time players in DEAN theatre show us, for example.

Concentration and connection

„Master, what do you mean by communication and connection?“
The answer from the Master: „You are learning to keep up with the change. It is a process.“

When a condition changes, it is always a good opportunity for us to learn something. This time is also known as „Autumn Tiger“ in China. This is a time when people quickly become irritable or angry. Why is that? It has to do with the general change in the atmosphere, for example. Thus, many people do not find it so easy to balance well the darkness that sets in, the changeable, colder weather or other circumstances that can trigger stress and restlessness in us. This manifests itself in disharmonies and sometimes also in a weakened immune system. Therefore, it is very good, especially now, to build up, harmonise and strengthen the energy to be able to cope with the changes. In this way, the balance can be maintained, we can develop well and remain stable in health.

Orientation to the changes in the universe

The quality and scope of our actions always depends on how we deal with information and how focused we are. So it helps us if we don’t just see the tasks that await us the next day, but orient ourselves to larger contexts.

The time of nature is strong. Everything is extreme and clear in this time.
For example, you can feel exactly where the problems, focal points or opportunities are. Everything shows itself so clearly from nature.

If we cannot develop our own good feeling for things at the moment, then there is an opportunity at the ip Xiǎoxuě to learn and train it together. It’s like focusing on the „right direction“.

The meaning behind the words

What does Xiǎoxuě actually mean? The literal translation („little snow“) alone cannot explain it in sufficient depth and comprehensively. The climatic term originates from northern China. That is where this particular weather situation is found. If we go further and further with the information, then we can come across the background of an explanation. Then we get to the spiritual core of a condition or a thing and find the meaning behind the words.

To our ancestors, for example, we already have a great distance, spatially or temporally. One can use the word „distance”. To make the comparison with Xiǎoxuě and understand the meaning of this solarterm more deeply: No matter how far people or things are from each other, originally there is always a connection. That is why it is so good to know the background and not to want to understand from the word alone.

From the world itself, this connection is always given.
How far we are from each other does not matter.

Connection across space and time

We experience how such a connection works so beautifully on Sundays at DEAN Life Talk. The German and Chinese participants are in very different environments, different cultural contexts and different climate zones. Despite these distances and differences, we have many common experiences, we exchange ideas and can enrich each other so well.

Because of the different conditions, there may be a different understanding of the contents. And yet they do not belong to either culture. For example, solarterms do not only belong to Chinese culture. The deeper meaning refers to the whole change in nature, to the natural cycles of the world and the cosmos. When we are connected and train together, this information and the connection with Master Li, Daosheng and Daoming help us to go to the deeper level.

What does time mean?
What does distance mean?
What do the ancestors mean?

We know that a culture or a connection to the ancestors cannot be limited to a certain time. It comes from far, far away and goes back a long way. „Ancestors“ or people who are meeting now and today with different nationalities can be descended from the same root. Therefore, we would not actually need to distinguish between nations.

We have to return to the quantum state. The quantum state corresponds to the original, the primordial state. In this state we are perfect and do not collapse. We follow the state of the „whole“. Because only the information of the whole is strong enough. One should connect with it, otherwise it is not pure enough.

You are all invited to find this information in the ip Xiǎoxuě and to harmoniously master this change of state together!

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

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