DEAN-ip on 22 Oct 2021 / 23 Oct 2021
霜降 (Shuāngjiàng) frost

Topic: Making heaven's help come true
Shuāngjiàng, contact with the unconscious

At this time last year we experienced Shuāngjiàng, the frost, and connected with it together with Chinese and German students: During this time, the yang qi retreats further and enters the ground, while the yin qi gradually becomes stronger. When the frost comes to us, it is a magical moment, nature gives it to us. The frost comes to us as harmony “from below”, from the earth. This happens, as we know, through the moisture that condenses on the ground when it meets cold air due to the temperature changes. That is the scientific explanation. One can feel that on another level it is the contact with the unconscious which manifests itself in the visible. The fruits and vegetables of the earth also show it: with the touch of frost, their condition changes and they become sweeter. This is how the invisible shows itself in the visible.

Nature not only gives us the opportunity to change again and again, but also shows us good examples. When the interplay of yin and yang energy, the whole atmosphere is clear and clean, a beautiful crystal – the frost – is naturally formed. This special connection, “Shuāng”, occurs when the pure qi of the sky meets the pure qi of the earth. A precious gift from nature and a beautiful example for us!

Nature is our master. Really.

Like a beautiful cooperation

The cycle of nature has always existed, since time immemorial, for example, autumn comes after summer. This is also an image of how one generation follows the next and is naturally connected to it. We are all embedded in these natural principles and if we can follow them, everything is easy and happens without effort, as if by itself. At Shuāngjiàng we connect with this quality through the help of Master Li, Daosheng and Daoming. In this way we can deeply understand the information that nature gives us. 

Moment by moment, day by day, year by year, nature shows us how to do it. And we have sometimes been able to experience what it can be like when such a clear, harmonious relationship as Shuāngjiàng can arise. If this clean state exists, for example, between the generations, they become one, like a “unified state”. Then something beautiful, something new can arise – just as Shuāng, the frost, appears in Shuāngjiàng. This is like a miracle, a FuQi day.

Connect directly

Thank you, Master, for giving us the DEAN method directly into the heart. It gives us the opportunity to change directly from the spirit. 

Xiaobao Liu

This year we were able to have direct experiences with the heart and understand directly with the spirit through the DEAN method. Things can change so much and so quickly. We experience it in projects like the DEAN Theatre or the DEAN Life Talk, in the cooperation with each other and in ourselves…. The most important thing is to connect with the energy, with the root, with Master Li, Daosheng and Daoming. Through this we can become calm and clear. In this deep calmness, a contact with the original spirit can arise immediately, as we could experience for example in the DEAN Theatre. And if one person experiences this happiness, the others can also connect directly with this state. If we experience this together, the atmosphere is so calm, beautiful and peaceful. We meet each other easily and relaxed and can easily move on; everyone’s strength is greater then.


Master Li and his sons show us this example with DEAN GbR. They are one in work and connect the generations at the same time. They help us to reconnect with the origin. So there is the possibility that one unites with the other, from the children to the grandparents, in the families and beyond to the ancestors…. 

This is the natural, original cycle. In such a beautiful, clear moment as Shuāngjiàng, we can find this special atmosphere and opportunity to connect the information of one level with others. In this way, the energy flows back and forth between us, between yin and yang. One helps the other and the power can grow. How beautiful if we understand how to follow this great example of nature!

At this time we can see whether we are in harmony or not. Everyone can see that for themselves. We should keep this harmonious energy well.

Shuāngjiàng, once so surprise, so special. 
The state is the special thing.
It is the same with people. When we do it well together and everyone is in harmony then this miracle happens.
That is a better state.
At this time we show the harmony of yin and yang.

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

* Please write your name in the notes.

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