DEAN-ip on 22 Sep 2021 / 23 Sep 2021
秋分 (Qiū Fēn) autumn equinox

Topic: „Every day is an ordinary day. But every day can also be a FuQi day.“
Qiū Fēn, state of balance.

At Qiū Fēn, the „autumn equinox“, there is a balance of day and night, of yin and yang, half and half. Qiū Fēn gives us a special state of equilibrium. On this day, people can establish a good exchange with each other, between generations, between young and old, man and woman, to the ancestors…. 

Qiū means ‚autumn‘. There is also such a day of balance in spring.

Finding the beauty in the ordinary

This day is beautiful, for example it is now getting cooler again, this is something that nature gives us. This solarterm brings us the quality of balance. In Qiū Fēn we can recognise this balance and use it. In this way the day becomes a happy day, we can find the extraordinary and the beautiful in the everyday.

Many people in Germany feel sad, they have worries and problems. „So beautiful?“ they may think, „how could it be beautiful?“ 

If we can make a good connection with the Master, many things can happen outside, yet we can find the good: 

The main thing is that the connection is there. That’s where it starts. 
Whether something good can happen is related to that, 
whether you do something or want something.

Ultimately, one answers everything within oneself. 
Everyone understands and decides for themselves. 
That means DEAN method directly in the heart.

Energy flows from generation to generation

The autumn equinox shows us this balance, like yin and yang, like two generations, like two halves.

When the energy flows together, this connection is restored,
it reaches from generation to generation.

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, whatever the day,
it could always be a FuQi day when generation to generation connect.

We can find and build this connection again in the spirit.

The generations complement and help each other. One creates much more through contact with the other. You never know who the help is coming from. So the energy is well built in both directions. It exists in the invisible and always helps us. 

This happy connection reaches all the way to the ancestors.
We can develop it further, into the depths of the unconscious. 
We don’t need words any more. 

We store this contact in the spirit. In this way, no memory and no experience is lost. From life to life.

Similar to how trees are interconnected through their roots, one database is connected to the other database. Then nothing is lost.

Sometimes people don’t behave the way nature shows us. In Qiū Fēn we can harmonise the connection again and find contentment.

If you change something, others will change it after you.
The most important thing is that you are happy. 
When one person understands, then everyone rises together.

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

* Please write your name in the notes.


Registration for the DEAN-ip “Qiū Fēn” is open until 21.09.2021 at 3 pm.
Your registration is basically binding.

If you have any problems with the registration, questions or suggestions, please contact us at, via WhatsApp & Co or by phone:
Birgit: +49 177 9173859, Danny: +49 179 9026217, Nicola: +49 151 70173457, Tasso: +49 170 9573066

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