DEAN-ip on 04 June 2021 / 05 June 2021
芒种 (Mángzhòng) Grain in Ear

Topic: „Heart and kidneys exchange.“
Heaven and earth help to grow

The Qi of Mángzhòng, 芒种, gives us the fortunate opportunity to be able to do the right thing at exactly the right time. The earth is actually warm at this time; this corresponds to the energy of the heart, the fire. The sky is giving us a bit more rain at the moment, which is related to the kidney energy. 

Heart and kidneys in exchange, 
water and fire united
a harmony energy.

Sometimes we may feel the rain is not so beautiful at the moment. However, if it were too dry, it would do a lot of damage to the trees and other plants. So we can be happy that the rain is good for the plant world. 

Relating to us: How nice when we can find and use the right moment to keep growing!

Yin and Yang in balance

It is the same with the exercises of the DEAN method. All exercises ultimately always have the goal of balancing Yin and Yang. As in the 4th basic exercise, for example. This balancing brings us powerful Qi.

This time Mángzhòng shows us the meaning of Yin and Yang. 

Water and fire? How can they be together? It is a special moment when this can happen – because normally fire and water are absolutely incompatible and cancel each other out…. When fire and water can exchange so happily, the good seed that has been sown can also grow well. Then life is strong and the fruits are abundant. So the essence is preserved, nothing is lost. The energy can continue to grow.

When heart and kidney exchange, it’s so beautiful.
It’s like when you have something and you give me a little. 
And just like when I have something, I give you a little.
Such a beautiful sign.

*  The words written in red are quotes from Master Dean Li.

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

* Please write your name in the notes.

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