DEAN-ip on 04 May 2021 / 05 May 2021
立夏 (Lì Xià) Summer Begins

Topic: „Lì Xià“
Lì Xià, growing up and taking responsibility

立夏, Lì Xià, is the seventh solarterm and the first of those that announce the beginning of summer. In spring the qi has grown up. At Lì Xià, in summer, everything now grows to its full size. Lì means something like „rising“ and „responsibility“.

In all cultures and times there have been rites of passage that accompany the change from one stage of life to the next. Lì Xià corresponds to the ceremony for the eighteen-year-old youth in his transition to adulthood. With Lì Xià, the official „coming of age“ is accomplished. When the young person has reached this state of „Lì Xià“, he takes on his own responsibility. 

An example from nature shows us the same thing: The original seedling is now strong enough to face wind, frost and rain on its own.

„Lì Xià is Lì Xià. But each Lì Xià is different and holds different information for us. It is like our five organs: at any given moment they can reach a different state. That is why every exercise is different. Every moment offers us the opportunity to develop. In every moment we can release karma.“

Master Dean Li

Understanding together and celebrating together

Master Li has the wish to help people in their growth. This is like Lì Xià. Growing also means taking responsibility yourself. When you are a child, you can always give all the responsibility to your parents. When we grow up, we take it on ourselves. Like, for example, the partners who want to do a project with Master Li. Each of them takes their own responsibility. Conversely, we can also grow by taking responsibility. 

„This opportunity, for example a partnership, is there for you to grow and take responsibility. 
I hope you will not always remain a small child.

You are all 18 years old now. Very beautiful!
We are all celebrating this festival now.
It is good symbolism and the message of Lì Xià.“

Master Dean Li

Growing together

When we are already 18 years old, we are not only responsible for ourselves, but also go „out of the house“. Nevertheless, we remain connected to our family. This is like the DEAN Institute, for example. One helps the other to grow together with each other and with others.

Information is information. When it comes, the spirit is already in motion with us, working in the unconscious for everyone. This is such a beautiful opportunity. The energy is in motion. It has to do with the whole world. Like a wave, it can also bring unrest. We can perceive unrest simply as a movement that changes something and brings it into flow. That is so beautiful. 

All the projects in the DEAN method come from this energy. The better we work together and help each other, the stronger and better the energy flows. Then each individual has more power and all together go in the same direction. This is how the FuQi grows.

„When we have understood, we don’t need anyone from outside to explain to us what is right. We know what we are doing, because we all know the principle. Then we can create order ourselves.

The better we understand, the better the world can understand. Because what does energy mean? Energy is a vibration. When we understand, the energy reaches further and further. 

I hope everyone grows through this.“

Master Dean Li

From the invisible to the visible

Children are our future. Where do they come from? They come from before, from the ancestors. It goes in a great cycle always from before, from the past to the children and then again from the children to before – and again to the children. That’s how life comes to life, a cycle. Everything we encounter today, happy and not so happy, has to do with the ancestors.

If one is in harmony with the ancestors, then there is no great pressure in life. If the ancestors also do well themselves, then that’ s also very good for oneself. Of course, the ancestors are no longer alive now, but their lives are deeply connected to ours. 

„If I myself have no energy, then my ancestors go on sleeping because there is no energy. But if I have energy, they wake up again and come alive. They continue to live through my life.“

Master Dean Li

An example makes it clear. An artist painted a dragon. Actually, a painting is just a painting – you cannot bring such a painting to life. However, this artist was very spiritual. He found the right point when painting the eyes. This means, he was so connected to the spirit, so spiritual, that it immediately made things flow and move. So the eyes were like those of a living being. Because he was so connected, energy was there immediately. 

It is the same with the ancestors:

„Every ancestor is actually asleep, because he has no energy. Depending on how well you concentrate, how strongly you connect, he may come back today. That means he connects through you. 

This information and this contact is important.
We need this help to move from the invisible to the visible, from death back to the living.“

Master Dean Li

Lì Xià - raising our spirits together

We would like to invite you all to take this great opportunity together that Master Li and Daoming Li are giving us.

„It is like Lì Xià. 
It is an important point that you can grow.
When you grow, and thereby even society can understand more, more energy flows.
Then it’s good for the world.
That’s the best thing.“

Master Dean Li

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

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