DEAN-ip on 04 Mar 2021 / 05 Mar 2021
惊蛰 (Jīngzhé) Awakening from hibernation

Topic: „Awakening again"
Jīngzhé, the quiet thunder

A new solarterm has arrived, a new cycle begins. Jīngzhé is the third of the 24 solarterms. In winter, the energy hides. Many creatures retreat as much as possible to preserve their power. Jīngzhé, 惊蛰, means something like awakening from the sleep of winter. Jīng means: shock, to awaken once. It can be thought of as a thunderclap that reawakens all the little things and beings of the earth and the cells in our bodies. Nature is a big universe, our body is a small one. They reflect each other, echo each other and are closely connected.

„Now comes this blast of winter, this spring thunder, 
that brings everything awake – shock and awake – and alive again.“

Master Dean Li

Thunder is often strong and extreme in summer, and sometimes very quiet in spring. But it is still thunder. 

„Be very still and quiet and feel the thunder! 
Thunder is sometimes very small; but precious. 
Thunder is thunder.“

Master Dean Li

As soon as the thunder sounds in the springtime, a lot of potential, previously hidden energy awakens. At this time, the “thunderclap” can also be like a signal for us to wake up. If we speak of “shock”, we can understand it as a possibility to move from this level to another level.

Movement and harmony

At this time it is very important how to get back to life. All over the world there are many worries, conversations and thoughts about finding a way to continue living well. The old way of life and routine is lost, and with it the familiar impulses. Many, even young people, have even become afraid of life itself and no longer see clearly how they can still manage the tasks well. It is always a matter of finding a way to solve the problems and build up the energy further. 

„It always has to do with our development. 
If people are afraid, how should they be able to develop?
Just stopping and not developing, what does that mean?

That’s why it’s so important for our energy, 
to be moved by every piece of information, by every cycle.“

Master Dean Li

When our energy is moving, everything is in flow. Then it is good if there is someone who can harmonize everything. We can use that for ourselves! 

A new mood

„We have to learn so much to be able to train – and finally change – our personality.
Then our perception can also change. 

So everything can develop and transform: 
Yin and Yang, the atmosphere, the energy.“

Master Dean Li

Master Li and Daoming Li know how to attune the energies to each other and bring them into harmony. In music, one speaks of a good mood and atmosphere. It is created by the particular personality. Without this harmony, there is unrest or dissonance, and this does not lead to a good result.

„Energy must always have a direction in which it flows.“

Master Dean Li

Finding the joy of life and overcoming fear

We can experience and understand energy. There are many examples of this. But understanding alone is not enough. If we can learn about energy and it flows calmly, then it can teach us to go in the right direction. Finding this inner orientation again allows us to overcome the depression and fear. Life becomes free and joyful again.

In this process it is important to find the points in each case how we can come to harmony. Of course, we are all different, every person, every body is different – and so everyone finds a different point.

„We have to do practice, practice, practice, 
until our bodies and souls are all in harmony. 
Then the perception is true.“

Master Dean Li

When there are more different energies, as in the international practice, there can be a better harmony, because there are more possibilities. When we recognize and feel these subtle, quiet thunderclaps, our change and growth begins. On this special occasion, we invite you to practice with the Chinese students at the Jīngzhé solarterm.

Together with the ancestors

If you feel a special connection to the ancestors and would like to give them a place, you can register them as regular participants for DEAN-ip. In this case the usual price for adults applies.

* Please write your name in the notes.


Registration for the DEAN-ip „Jīngzhé“ is open until 03/03/2021 at 3 pm using the following link.

Your registration is basically binding. If you have any problems with the registration, please contact or Nicola by phone: 0151-70173457.

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