DEAN-ip on 02 Feb 2021 / 03 Feb 2021
立春 (Lì chūn) beginning of spring

Topic: „Once again from the beginning!"
A new beginning in spring

The beginning of spring, Lì chūn, 立春, is the first of the 24 solarterms. A completely new cycle begins. Lì means as much as: Beginning, or just coming, and chūn means spring. The year always starts with spring.

„Spring always comes to spring,
beginning to beginning,
year to years…

A year ago I said to all the people:
„Now a new time is beginning. 
We all have to do something completely new!“
But many said, „What is new? We don’t know!“

Even now and today
many people are still dreaming.“

Master Dean Li

Sometimes we move mentally in the same old ways, emotions or thought patterns. At some point it is just like before and without knowing it directly, we keep fighting. If we can learn to live really well in the now, then something new can emerge, just as spring promises us. 

„It always has to do with the now and and accurately sensing it.“

Master Dean Li

If we were good at recognising and storing connections last year, then we don’t need to feel worry or stress now, no matter what happens. 

„Always live in the moment – in this moment, 
then there is no fighting.“

Master Dean Li 

Due to entanglements in the old contexts, we are always in a fight with what is coming. Then we cannot understand what is happening and we have effort and difficulties every day.

„So I ask again, from year to year, 
even from spring to spring: do you understand?

A year ago was just like now Lì chūn.
For people, it is like this: 
If they understood last year, 
then this year is easy and relaxed.

That’s why we store up this experience and keep building up the energy.“

Master Dean Li

With the help of Master Dean Li and together with our Chinese classmates, we can learn from each other, help each other and gain this experience in the ip Lì chūn.

„We learn from the example back then,
so we can experience how we can change the past
and how the future can show itself.“

Master Dean Li

Prepared like this, we then also know how things can continue well. For example, if we know how to make the transition from 2020 to 2021, then we know how to continue next year, from 2021 to 2022.

Connecting with the appropriate state

„Connecting with the old, 
get the information 
And thus change or improve the future.“

Master Dean Li

If, for example, we feel connected to our ancestors and sense them, then we can use this connection to link information and see contexts clearly. 

„With quantum entanglement, it’s not the age that matters, 
it’s that the state fits.“

Master Dean Li

In Chinese there is a term for very free, subtle beings: jīngling, 精灵. They are independent of self-consciousness and symbolise the cleverness, freshness, freedom and vitality of a state. Children are still connected with this initial and dynamic state because they are at the beginning of life and carry the wise power of growth within them. Their energy flows easily and vibrantly.  

„Lì chūn is especially for the children because Lì chūn means spring.
Therefore, each child shows us what spring and beginning means.“

Master Dean Li

By connecting with the now appropriate state, a new feeling can arise within us, enabling us to change our future and create or realise something new. Master Li connects us to this special energy at the ip Lì chūn. 

„This year, every new year, at every Lì chūn. 
there is a new opportunity.“

Master Dean Li

Together with the ancestors

To Dàxuě we can also think of those who are no longer with us and give them a place. Whoever feels a special connection to one or more ancestors, or who misses someone very much, for example, can register them as regular participants* at Dàxuě. Master Li helps to find more peace, protection and security in the connection to the ancestors.

* Please write your name in the notes.


Registration for the DEAN-ip „Lì chūn“ is open until 01/02/2021 at 3pm using the following link. Attention, short registration time!

Your registration is basically binding. If you have any problems with the registration, please contact or Nicola by phone: 0151-70173457.

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