DEAN-ip on 06 Dec 2020 / 07 Dec 2020
大雪 (Dàxuě) Strong snow

Topic: „In this time we can make the apparently impossible possible."
Dàxuě, season of hiding

Dàxuě, 大雪, is the 3rd solarterm in winter. Translated this name means „strong snow“ or „heavy snow“. Many animals that adapt to nature’s qi are now in hibernation and their energy level is lowered. This corresponds to the natural order.

In China there is a saying: “春生、夏长、秋收、冬藏。冬天是一个 “藏 “的季节。” This means as much as: Spring is the birth of growth, summer stands for good growth, autumn for harvest, winter is a season of „hiding“. In this season the earth hides its energy in the depths and waits for the next spring to regenerate itself.

„Heavy snow“ usually remains only a wish for us. The temperatures on earth have increased due to global warming. So the whole earth has changed. 

„Dàxuě, the heavy snow, is so rare now.
In this time it remains only a wish and symbolic.

Dàxuě is a good symbol for the people.
The Yang energy wants to hide deep in winter
and automatically hides because the snow is coming.“

Master Dean Li

The solarterm „heavy snow“ helps to understand this wisdom in a new way and to put it into practice. If the yang is well hidden, harmful influences are avoided and the power is preserved. So next spring the life energy can rise unhindered and full of vitality. If we make use of this preparation time, it has a deep impact on future development.

The „spiritual cycle“

Even if the obvious balances on earth seem to have shifted or are no longer effective, the spiritual laws still apply just as before. We are all involved in them.

For our spirit there are other conditions than „cold“ or „warm“. It has its own cycle, just like the 24 solarterms. Through the many „doing, doing“ of the people, some things have changed a lot. But the spiritual remains as it has always been.

At this time the cycle shows us that it would be wise to „hide“ physically, for example not to suffer from the cold. In the spirit we should „hide“ to enter into deep peace and stability. This way we are not disturbed too much by external emotions.

„White Christmas“

For us in Germany, the „white Christmas“ is usually so beautiful and everyone wishes for it. But now we can hardly remember it anymore… The spirit shows us that it is winter. 

The connection to the original context is hidden for us. Thick snow, for example, would let us see clearly what now fits into the cycle.

„There is always body, soul and spirit, even in nature. 
If we only look at the earth, we think: 
„No, it is not winter! What should we hide for?“
Then we miss the chance for the body to recover.“

Master Dean Li

The Qi from Dàxuě can help us to reconnect. 

„In this time we make the impossible possible.

So we can perceive well and follow what fits.
If we pay attention to our spirit, concentrate it properly
then we will not miss this cycle or the recovery.
Then the energy remains.“

Master Dean Li

Protection and safety

From the outside there is always something coming at us, whether it is global warming or the coronavirus. This is our environment. If we concentrate our energy well with the help of Master Li, we do not need to worry about external influences. 

„If we connect well inside and stay well, 
then it doesn’t matter what is outside, 
because the energy is preserved.
That is the sense of the exercise and of this solarterm Dàxuě.“

Master Dean Li

Connection to the origin

Why is it that at this time in particular one speaks of the spirit „hiding“? Where does he go then? 

„To hide is to go back.
People come from the origin, from this safety.“

Master Dean Li

Why do children like to hide under their blanket or under the bed? They seek safety. In the beginning we are as safe as a baby in its mother’s womb. Protected and in absolute safety. 

„If we can connect with the past, with our ancestors,
then that means security. 
Security always comes from the past.

That is why contact with the ancestors is so important.
For example, if the connection to your mother is good, 
then she can protect you better.
If it is not so good, then we balance it out.
Where else does your protection come from?“

Master Dean Li

The mother is a symbol for the connection to the ancestors. When we „hide“, contemplate and concentrate well, we make contact with them. 

Dàxuě, big snow

If we had „big snow“, Dàxuě, this year, nature would be healthy and strong and we would automatically „hide“. But during this time we do not know whether Dàxuě will come or not. 

If it does not appear, we must learn to take over responsibility for it. We can help to strengthen the natural order again by following the spiritual cycle in our behaviour and orienting ourselves to it. Then we can find the security we are looking for again.

„The spirit shows it to us as it did 1000 years ago.
A great philosophy of how to live properly!

The exercise at Dàxuě is not only there to do practice, 
but corresponds to a very great attitude of spirit. 
Therefore, exercise is a wisdom of life.“

Master Dean Li

Together with the ancestors

To Dàxuě we can also think of those who are no longer with us and give them a place. Whoever feels a special connection to one or more ancestors, or who misses someone very much, for example, can register them as regular participants* at Dàxuě. Master Li helps to find more peace, protection and security in the connection to the ancestors.

* Please write your name in the notes.


The registration for DEAN-ip December was possible until 05.12.2020 at 3 p.m.. 

If you have problems with the registration, please feel free to contact us at or by phone: +49 151 70173457.

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