DEAN-ip on 20 June 2020 / 21 June 2020
夏至 (Xiàzhì) Summer solstice

Topic: „Highest Yang point of the year"
Highlight of the summer

The summer solstice, 夏至, Xiàzhì, is the tenth solarterm of the 24 annual periods. „Xiàzhì“ means as much as: Summer is here, or: the highest summer. In the northern hemisphere we experience the longest sunshine, the longest day of the year and at the same time the shortest night.

Energy always consists of Yin and Yang. In winter there is a point, that is deeply connected with Yin. Now, in Xiàzhì, the peak of the Yang is reached. The Yang-Qi is very strong on this day.

„Everyone needs Yang-Qi. Life needs Yang-Qi.“

Master Dean Li

Strengthening Yang-Qi together

There are many people who lack the Yang energy. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, for example, Yang-Qi has the function of warming organs and maintaining physiological functions. A person with a strong Yang has a stronger immune system and recovers faster, even when he is ill. If the Yang Qi does not flow well, our immune system is weak and diseases can come to us. The immune system is very important, no matter what kind of illness it is. 

„People are depressed, for example, if they don’t have enough Yang energy.
If there’s enough Yang Qi, it’s not so bad.“

Master Dean Li

Every solarterm means a change in nature, an adaptation. If we want to adapt to nature, we must keep up with the changes of time. By practicing „at the right time“, for example, we can adjust to the energy of nature and so it can support us. The summer solstice is a natural opportunity to strengthen Yang-Qi. 

„Right now Yang-Qi is flowing in nature.
This gives us the opportunity to find contact with the Yang.
Then we will not lack this energy afterwards.
It’s the right time for the right build-up.“

Master Dean Li

There is always a connection between Yin and Yang. The highest Yang meets the very small Yin. Exactly at this point the Yin starts to grow and finds its beginning again – just as the bright beginning is contained in dark night.

The atmosphere of joy of life

Summer has to do with the heart. The energy of Xiàzhì helps us to open our hearts again and feel the natural joy. If one is depressed, for example, then this joy of life is missing…

„When we build up this energy, even with China and Germany together,
then this atmosphere, this Yang Energy is created. 
If the Yang-Qi flows properly, then for example joy of life arises.
When it is so warm, so pleasant, then you can simply open your heart. 

Warmth is synonymous with security. 
Like when you talk to each other, for example: 
When you feel that it’s warm, it’s quite beautiful. 
When you feel that it’s cool, it’s often quite bad.“

Master Dean Li

You are warmly welcome to participate in the summer solstice, Xiàzhì, between Germany and China!


The registration for DEAN-ip June is possible until 19.06.2020 at 3 p.m.. If you have problems with the registration, please feel free to contact us at or by phone: +49 151 70173457.

Financial information

Please transfer your amount (55,- € per day) before the start of DEAN-ip. You will find all further information on the website and in your registration confirmation.

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