DEAN-ip on 19 May 2020 / 20 May 2020
小满 (Xiǎomǎn) small abundance

Topic: „Harmony and abundance"
Past experiences and present life

The eighth solar term of the year and the second in summer is Xiǎomǎn, 小满. „Xiǎo“ means „small“ and „mǎn“ originally means „filled“ and „abundance“ respectively. Xiǎomǎn is a special symbol of nature. This symbol means: The water is filling up. 

There is a saying in southern China, which means something like: „Xiǎomǎn, the rivers are filled“. There are so many rivers and small water bodies in China. These must now fill with water according to the natural cycle through sufficient rainfall. If the rainfall is not sufficient at this time, this will have consequences for the whole year.

„These solar terms have to do with primordial times.“

Master Dean Li

Wise people have summarized many experiences in the Solarterms, so that we can still remember and reflect on these connections today.

„We believe that our lives no longer depend so much on the weather and nature. But this is only so from the visible level. On the invisible level we are still deeply involved in these interrelationships.“

Master Dean Li

Information in the invisible

Xiǎomǎn, the 24 solar terms, have to do with the past and with quantum physics. Today we live only with the classical physics. Therefore this invisible field and its effectiveness for us is often difficult to understand.

In cosmology we speak of the concept of „Dark Matter“, which is one of the greatest mysteries of modern physics. Dark matter is the non-luminous and therefore invisible matter in the universe, which is only noticeable through its gravitational effect. What we cannot see has to do with dark matter. 

Quantum entanglement between us and our ancestors

There are many examples that have a great impact on our lives from the invisible realm, the weather is one of them. Another is the connection to our ancestors. It can be said that what touches us from the invisible, what we cannot obviously perceive, is related to this Dark Matter. 

„What do our ancestors mean to us? 
Through invisible energy we are inseparably connected to them. 
They are all in the realm of the invisible, in the Dark Matter. 
They mean information to us. 
This information is stored in the invisible.“

Master Dean Li

The nature, the waters, must be filled up. If the water is sufficient and flows, then it is in a state of harmony. The balance can be called abundance. In the same way it is when we can connect with the ancestors, „filled“, that is, in a state of balance. So the information, like water, can continue to flow and help us. 

„Xiǎomǎn shows by nature that the waters must fill now. Yin is invisible, Yin is water. The Yin energy must be sufficient, otherwise it becomes too dry and too restless.“

Master Dean Li

The 24 solar terms contain the change of the energies of heaven and earth. Every change of this energy has an effect on the whole world. 

„Heaven and Earth are everything. Everything belongs inseparably together. 
When heaven and earth are together, they must be in harmony. That is all. It is Yin and Yang.“ 

Master Dean Li

Everything is an example and shows us something. For example, if heaven and earth are not in harmony, an inharmonious energy comes, which is not good for us. If our energy is bad, a bad energy also comes to us from outside. This follows a law of nature, according to which similar forces meet again and again, attract each other, so to speak.

If our energy is not clean and good, the bad energy from outside can multiply inside us and we accumulate further disharmony, for example fear. When people or animals are very strong, they can deal well with everything that comes their way. It does not matter then. They have their own power to purify it immediately. It is very important to see, how we can solve problems faster. We can achieve this by increasing our energy, so we can stay clean. If we stay clean then there is no disturbance. 

„Ip means practice and processing with this information.
If we do the exercise well now, it is a benefit for our future, so that we understand now.

Stay clean and stay strong, 
otherwise the problems can come faster.
This is what the world is now showing us as an example.“

Master Dean Li


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