Special-ip on 25 Jan 2020 / 26 Jan 2020
spring festival and emergency

Topic: spring festival and emergency

Tomorrow, on 25.01.2020, the spring festival will take place in China. At the same time there is an exceptional situation due to the coronavirus. A time of restlessness and fear on the one hand and because of the spring festival also a time of joy and family. 

Master Dean Li says:

„This is the biggest festival and also the most emergency.
The energy must be brought into harmony.“

That’s why he’s giving us all a gift. A special ip to this year’s spring festival, Saturday, 25.01.2020 from 15:00 to Sunday, 26.01.2020 at 15:00. This ip is free for all people who want to participate. For emergencies – and like a gift

„We can learn how to deal with problems.“

Master Dean Li

The problems are not in Germany at the moment, but they are happening in China. They have nothing to do with Germany, but it is so important for China. Because of the situation there and this ip we can learn for the future now. Here too, people are afraid of such problems. This means: We can prepare ourselves well now by building strength and connecting.

Text by Yang for this year's spring festival

„The spring festival is always hot and noisy, but behind this year’s hype is a coolness caused by the sudden and serious outbreak of a new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan. 

The SARS epidemic happened once before in 2003 and it is still on our minds. Our question is: what will the future be like? 

How can we deal with today’s epidemic properly? We must learn, grow, be prepared! 

In order to find clear answers, we have asked Master Li about this topic. 

I wish you a Happy New Year and good health!“

(Jianyong Yang)

A special situation

The Chinese New Year is a day of great reunion. On this day families gather all over the country. This great festival with all its activities fills the people of China with great joy and is a symbol of happiness. 

With the outbreak of a new coronavirus in Wuhan, the gathering of people today cannot take place as usual. Wuhan announced the closure of the city by the 23rd of January, and the lives of millions of people are affected. This is a sudden crisis, an event closely linked to the lives of many people. With the epidemic, the situation is changing every day. 

How can we respond effectively to the current epidemic?
What can each of us do and what can we learn from it?
How can we safely survive this crisis?
How can we stay clear and find the right way in the face of the different media and information?

For this purpose we had an interview with Master Dean Li. 

Master Dean Li pointed out that this epidemic is a metaphor We should look at it carefully, react appropriately and prepare for the future. This is a problem that concerns everybody. 

“Education and healing” is the permanent solution. Our task is to remain calm and to practice remaining in balance. 

The precious New Year’s gift from Master Dean Li is like a German-Chinese exercise. We hope that we can all connect with FuQi, go through the difficulties together and prepare ourselves well for the future. 

Informations from Master Li

Through questions and answers Master Li wants to give us the opportunity to better feel what is happening.

Master Li: When a new type of virus appears, there is no immediate solution. That is because we have to get to know the new in order to find a solution. That’s why these problems always come up. Even if a good medicine is developed this time, there will be a new type of virus next time. This is a never ending process. In the end we have to face all these problems and find a solution. Otherwise we will follow the virus and let the virus lead us astray. So we have to find a basic solution, starting with ourselves, starting with our lives.

Master Li: From the experiences of the past, we can recognize, that these problems appeared and disappeared. Considering the current situation and the peculiarity of the epidemic, we must know that we cannot rely on medicines to fight it. In times of general change, many viruses or epidemics also change. The key lies in how we can preserve our lives in times of collapse. So how can we better maintain our true life and deal with the virus properly? We know that our life, our vitality, is more powerful than bacteria if we know how to live well.

Master Li: At this time we should approach all questions calmly and wait for the weather to change. Now that we know that it will change, we are well prepared for how to spend these months better. So prepare yourselves as individuals or as a group how to live these months. Don’t be too nervous, because it will always pass. 

So we don’t have to buy masks for a whole year when we know that the epidemic is over in May. Every one of us and every society has enough energy to face the challenges at that time. But if we are too frightened, the problem will persist for months. Then each of us will go crazy for a year, and society will be unbalanced. Then it will be difficult for everyone to live normally. The key is to find a method to stay balanced. In theory, we always have the ability to balance our current problems. It just takes time.

Xiaobao: Yes, a lot of information will trigger many emotions.

Master Li: This emotion will prolong or expand our fear. Therefore, rest is our key attitude.

Yang: We have also seen that many people are very anxious and self-destructive in the face of this epidemic.

Master Li: All problems arise because of the self-rebellion.

Master Li: First we need to understand our needs. What do we need now? What do we have? What possibilities do we have to meet our needs? We try to focus on the needs of everyone, on the needs of life, not on our gluttonous needs. Then everyone goes on to create a balance. With this balance, we are naturally stable. In stability, we will go through this difficulty. Since it is a difficult time, it is time-dependent.  Therefore we do not need to be afraid, because it does not last forever.

Xiaobao: It depends on which of us plays longer, „has the longer breath“, is that right?

Master Li: Yes, it depends on which one of us can play longer, the Virus or us. That’s also what we pay attention to. So we should maintain our energy and constantly maintain our lives from this perspective. In this way, we do not need to lose our lives in such a complicated situation or in the case of so many viruses and even the plague.

Yang: Master, you have talked about this calmness, this balance. As ordinary people we are facing such a big epidemic. What can each of us do? How can we stay focused?

Master Li: We are all ordinary living beings. No higher or lower, no better or worse, that’s true for all of us. Each life is responsible for itself. Even in this situation. Responsibility is about our needs and our possibilities. Between necessity and possibility, it is about finding out what we can do. Keep as much energy as possible and do not consume too much. The more energy reserves we have, the longer we can survive difficulties. We build up our energy reserves with the practices. So we are usually already prepared. Through the sum of all our exercises we have enough energy to cope with emergencies. So if we usually do not practice enough, we do not know how to deal with the problem when it occurs.

Yang: So that means that we don’t have that much energy to balance it?

Master Li: Yes, we don’t have that much energy, but when we have enough practice, we know more than the problem.

Yang: Master, you said it’s a question of flexibility. If we normally have enough reserves, our flexibility is even greater.

Master Li: Of course, then we have more patience and our tolerance is even greater.

Master Li: Right. All festivals are a very good chance for us to connect. That’s why the Chinese have a saying, „Think of the benefits of holidays.“

Yang: … to connect

Master Li: Yes, to connect. So we take advantage of this great opportunity, we all connect together.

Xiaobao: That’s great.

Master Li: We don’t have fear.

Yang: Master, you mean that we can connect with Chinese and German friends, right?

Master Li: Yes, we can get in touch with all of them.

Xiaobao: Great. Thank you Master.

Yang: Thank you, Master.

Master Li: Ok, ok, let’s make a good preparation together and join the Sino-German practice tomorrow.

Yang: Okay, let’s practice together. That is the real task.

Master Li: Yes.

Yang: Then we have to build up more energy and face the unknown future.

Master Li: Practice is to preserve energy. It’s the best time to preserve energy.

Xiaobao: This development is not only for this epidemic, it helps us for our future, and it is a resource.

Master Li: Yes.

Yang: This epidemic reminds us after SARS. Maybe we will still encounter it in the future, or people from elsewhere.

Master Li: Yes, this epidemic is an opportunity for us to learn.

Yang: Master, then we will practice with China and Germany tomorrow.

Master Li: Ok, then you prepare.

Yang: Master, please help us to connect.

Master Li: Okay.

Yang & Xiaobao: Thank you, Master, and happy New Year!

Master Li: Okay, everyone is happy.

Master Li: This exercise is meaningful to everyone. For the exercise is for each one himself. The problem in China today may be the problem in Germany tomorrow. No matter when and where it is, it is a “we” problem. It is a human problem; so if we practice with it now, we will be practiced with it in the future. When we are prepared, we are prepared. So no matter where it has come up, it is a benefit for each of us. So every exercise is for yourselves.

Xiaobao: This is great!

Master Li: Every difficulty is different, but every practice is similar.

Yang und Xiaobao: We got it. Thank you again, Master.

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