Next DEAN-ip on 07th/08th August 2019
立秋 (Lì Qiū) Beginning of Autumn

Topic: Change begins from the first thought of your heart.
Lì Qiū, beginning of autumn

„Lì Qiū“, 立秋, is the 13th solarterm of the traditional Chinese lunar calendar and the first solarterm of autumn. Autumn is already coming, but it is not yet so cold and the autumn feeling is not yet there. The „spirit feeling“ is already there, but not yet the „body feeling“.

Different levels

„Lì Qiū“ points to a change in nature. Nature shows us that it will be autumn. It is still hot on earth. But from the heaven comes the information of autumn. It is not yet visible on earth. This shows us an exemplary principle: Before something happens, the heaven already shows people something.

So it is with all changes and events. Healing also has something to do with it. „Today we practice, but nothing happens,“ we sometimes think. We first change something in the spiritual level, then it can later also show up on the physical level.

Preparing changes

What does ‚spirit‘ mean? You can also ask: What does ‚heart‘ mean? Because our spirit is in our heart. What our spirit is, is also connected to the heart. All changes begin there. 

The Qi of Lì Qiū helps us to feel what heaven reveals to us as information of the invisible level. We can work with it. First of all there is information, then at some point there is change (for example on a physical level).

Heaven shows us something like an example. Of course we can learn from this example to live a good life. Heaven shows us now: Autumn is already here. But nothing is happening outwardly yet. Autumn means that summer is actually over. When autumn comes, we can feel and think about how to adapt our lives. This corresponds to an inner preparation. It has to do with the feeling for what is to come.

This can be something different for every person and every culture. The weather, for example, has to do with everyone individually. One can cope well with the summer, but not so well with the winter. We all have different preconditions to which we can react accordingly.

All changes happen originally through the mind. Actually it always goes from the invisible to the visible. Many things happen in the invisible. When we practice, we become aware of it. We can then use the information of heaven. 

So it is for example with this autumn. If we simply „close our eyes“, then we are unconscious. Consciousness in this context means that we notice something that heaven tells us and prepare ourselves accordingly.


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