DEAN-ip on May 05/06th, 2019
立夏 (Li Xia) Summer Begins

Topic: Open the heart - free in the middle

When the heart is in the middle, free of desire and wanting, it can receive the energies of heaven and at the same time release them again. The possibilities of the universe are available to people, when the heart is permeable and open to them. Just as the energy of heaven is at rest, so are the hearts in harmony with nature.

Spirit in the middle

With 立夏, Lì Xià, we welcome the summer. Lì Xià is the 7th solar term of the traditional Chinese moon calendar, this year it falls on the 5th and 6th of May. Lì Xià means „climax of summer“, „quiet in summer“. Master Li connects us with this quality in these DEAN-ip days.

The seasonal period Lì Xià has to do with our heart and therefore also with our spirit. The special energy of this time awakens the presence of the heart in balance.

The heart corresponds to the element of fire, a dynamic principle of life. Originally all life awakens from the water and needs fire for its realization. Through its activation our life reaches its bloom and can actively show its brilliance to the outside. 

The Qi of the heart maintains the human life activities and makes them vibrate. The effect of this Yang quality is shown in its vital and stimulating function. Qi flows through the body, has an energetic effect on the whole organism and ensures lively contact with our fellow human beings. 

Master Li says: 
„In this time the Qi is exactly in the middle. With Lì Xià the mind is in balance – we are quiet in summer. The heart must be in the middle, that means opening the heart. If the heart is „at the side“, you can’t open it.“ 

Later in the year, the heat comes along with the high summer. It is actually a bit too much. The condition of Lì Xià is so beautiful, so harmonious, sufficiently warm, but not yet the strong heat. It is the same with our heart: with such conditions it can unfold its effectiveness harmoniously. When it is too hot, it becomes restless and quickly exhausts itself.  If it is calm and in harmony, then it is open to the impulses of the invisible. 

The Qi of Lì Xià gives us the possibility of becoming free from our own thinking and the readiness to absorb the information of the spirit.

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