DEAN-ip on April 05/06th 2019
清明 (Qing Ming) Clear and Bright

It is clear and bright, and it is time for tending graves

Topic: How to never let a drop of water dry out.

The nature of energy is that it flows like a drop, when it is full, it flows easily. If many – for example in different countries – practice together in harmony, then the „drop“ fills itself and everything starts to move. So we can go with the energy. If enough drops connect and flow together, a lake is created. Master Li says: „When the energy comes, we move“.

Nature and humanity

The Qingming festival, the festival of pure brightness, takes place as one of the 24 seasonal periods in China annually from 4th to 6th April. Master Li connects us from the 5th to the 6th of April with the quality of this time.

In this time of the Qingming festival the sun shines, which makes the leaves of the trees and the grass green and nature alive. Everything shows itself to us again in a new face. The leaves sprout and become green, flowers bloom and the atmosphere is very bright and clear. It is a beautiful time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature on a spring excursion. At this point, nature lets go of the old and absorbs the freshness. 

In addition to the natural seasonal context, these days also include a time of remembrance. For example, people in China commemorate their ancestors in these days. The cleaning of graves and the commemoration of ancestors have been a tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years. Qingming is not only helpful for the promotion of the family relations, the stabilization of the common consciousness for the family, but also for the cohesion and the identity of the individual family members and even the respective nation.

It can be said, that Qingming unites the past and the future in a certain way. Many people experience Qingming as a combination of sadness and happiness. On the one hand, people connect in respect with those who were before them, on the other hand, they celebrate the warm weather of spring. Thus the past is honoured in a spirit of celebration that offers space for reflection and renewal.

During this time we can experience, that everything is very clear and unambiguous. This time the Qi is very pure. The Qi of Qingming is full of vitality.

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